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if you say you adhere to the unix philosophy but use two in one shampoo you're a fake

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i never did a post so uhh

hi im twee, i do computer science and philosophy

i like programming language design, operating system design, and free software

i like looking at more obscure programming languages and stuff

im also an intentionalist, which basically means i try and follow the unix philosphy in real life

i use line breaks to separate thoughts

and i really like cuddling people

hope you feel like you know me better and can love me now xox


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Zelda is a legend in the traditional sense: every Zelda game is a retelling of the same folk tale, passed down through the generations in a society without a written history. Details are lost, forgotten, mixed up or intentionally changed, depending on who's doing the telling, but the core of the story remains the same. This is the only canonical connection between any two Zelda games.

this is gonna be my new aesthetic

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there are lots of reasons why youd use vim

but "it follows the unix philosophy" is not one of them says it has a 100000 character limit, so im interested

want to join a pleroma instance

any recommendations

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fuck it. had enough of my machine freezing today. closing Firefox until further notice and gonna do everything in Netsurf.

but yes interpreted software really doesnt have to be slow anymore

its a false thing

im convinced that its possible to write lua or scheme code that is faster than c, when done right

about the original point though, im conflicted,

because i also like to see very little ram use

and i like compiling from source

more python programmers should use them

also, docstrings

more programming languages should have them

and yeah i get that somewhere down the line there has to be binary, it could be a lot further down than it usually is

this was my favourite thing about emacs

this is why i like shell scripts

honestly nothing turns me on more than being able to open up a binary and see the source code

because it wasnt a binary

fuck yeah

i wish people wrote just as efficient code, but we used the speed to make everything nice interpreted code

people are writing more inefficient code because there isnt a need to be efficient anymore

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