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"An estimated £30bn of unused clothing hangs in UK wardrobes, and yet still we shop for more. “Each week we buy 38m items and 11m items go to landfill,” says Maria Chenoweth, chief executive of Traid, a charity working to stop clothes being thrown away."

Ah this must be the famed efficiency of the market!

UPDATE: my "live my life entirely depended on google for one month" challenge has backfired after i discovered that google does not supply food or water

discord is gonna take 30 days to collect my data to give to me

really didnt seem to want to give it up

key points to note are turn off "some" stats, making it seem like you're missing out on "new" features, and accusing your decision to protect your privacy (not that that's possible with discord) as making it "dumber"


discord really pulling out all the stops on the guilt tripping

Anybody here in the UK who is trans and been ignored by the NHS waiting for a referal?

I seriously just need someone to talk too

@njha this is by design

@mooshoe I'm jumping on the bandwagon for the Librem5 because I think its critically important to show that there's a strong market for such a device. Initial sales are going to dictate whether or not there is ever a second generation, and I'm okay with taking the chance because its about the only glimmer of hope that there is.

bloat as in comes with two window managers a display manager a couple of editors etc

i mean it doesnt have systemd but that cant be 400mb right

isnt it weird how opebsd has more bloat than arch but the iso is half the size

I've compiled these lists, use them as you see fit

People who would like posting:
Voltaire, Socrates, Mozi, Walt Whitman, Diogenes, David Hume, St. Paul, Shakespeare

People who would hate posting:
Confucius, Laozi, Emily Dickinson, Emmanuel Kant, The Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Wen Zhenheng, H.P Lovecraft

People who would be conflicted about posting:
Aristotle, Nietzsche, St. Augustine, Herman Melville

found out 2day that sync isnt short 4 syncopate!!!!!!!

what the fuckk!!!!!

if you say you adhere to the unix philosophy but use two in one shampoo you're a fake

i like light color scheme please dont hurt me

i felt kinda meh about manjaro until now

but i just pressed the power button on the locked screen and it powered off

when unlocked it pops up a dialogue which is what i wanted (to suspend)

its a little thing but less than zero respect now for manjaro

David: *plays a secret chord*
The Lord: “Damn son where’d you find this?”

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