When you donate 10$ to doujin artist's patreon and unlock some good lewds.

I will teach you how to feel the things
So close to you, connect it all 🎶

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Congratulations to our friends in the @kde on their new Plasma 5.15 release! We are so proud of the exceptional work you have pulled off this cycle, and are thankful to have you working alongside us to develop the future of the libre desktop.

You all deserve a beer! 😋

Hello, my name is Philipp and I'm a concept artist & illustrator.

I love science fiction, open source, Linux, and VR. I paint in #Krita, model/animate/render in #Blender, and design in VR with #GravitySketch. My non-client work is #cc by-sa. Lefty, vegan, life drawing lover. Occasionally nsfw art.

Homepage: mooncube.space/.

Hit me up if you have questions or requests! ❤️

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I hope at a certain point we will have an OS that let you connect an #ActivityPub account and all the installed apps that implement AP C2S as client to make you automatically login as it happens with Google account on Android with GMail, YouTube etc.

But for that we need:
- platforms like Mastodon, PeerTube etc implement server-side AP C2S protocol
- clients for those platforms that implement client-side AP C2S
- (on Linux) a Freedesktop standard to manage online accounts working with Flatpak

I am enlightened.
I am not bother by chaos of this world anymore

*sees Radeon VII review*

Toot, toot!

Tusky has opened an Open Collective, where you can support the development, translations and support work!

We offer a $12/ year tier, which is the symbolic "if everyone who uses the app can pay $1/month".

As well as, a backer tier, and a sponsor tier!


#OpenCollective #sponsor #donate

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