I hate it when I'm in middle of study session and brain slowly whispers

" Open nhentai "

I was damn productive today. I lost my sleep tonight tho. 12 AM no sleep yet. I NEED SLEEEP :blobcatoh: :blobcatsadreach:

Starting tomorrow, I wanna gain back my health. Going for Jog at 4:30 AM.

Going to routine myself for good study and I'll forgive anyone I've cut out of my circle for so long.

I was extremely overthinking. Caught up in myself. World is painful.
I cried several times for past few months. In night when no one is around. I cried my heart out, remembering what I've lost can't be replaced, can't be brought back.
I am not master of my reality, or can choose which one I can perceive.

All those negative thoughts made my heart weaker. It feels like it'll be out of my mouth any moment. But I wanna try just one more time If world has any meaning to offer.

Sad Post 

Sad Post 

Sad Post 

Sad Post 

There would be a time when everything will be based on memory hogging frameworks. Until that day
* opens vscode *

I want to make best Ice-Cream in the World

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