This is the best thing I have listened to so far in 2019

My bot is done and it works basically. I still expect bugs here and there. I'll learn more about threading and will see what can I do about multiple media messages and videos. As of now is spaghetti code mess and I have no cloud / computer to host this on.


I realised I have lot of stuff to read about before I can even think about making something good. That includes unit-testing, better exception handling, advanced OOP and threading related stuff.

Why is it so hard to walk away. I still find myself checking last seens. Maybe my mind still trying to find hope that something will change.

Hello From Telegram. Have some Emojis 😂😂😂😂

My exams ended finally. Happy \o/.
Coded my very first telegram bot today.
I'll try to make a bot that will post from forward messages from telegram as toot here.

I don't have any clue what devops is but yeah I'll study for that. I don't really have exceptional programming skills. I can invest time in programming skills but I don't really think that could land me a job by next year. I should just keep faith in myself and study whatever seems interesting ;_;

When did
"You CAN do adultery stuff after 18"
"You are 18 and you never had sex, what are you shitty little loser"

Focusing on studies ..

Stats :-
25% productive

I don't necessarily means we shouldn't find happiness in our lives but don't make it your supreme goal, getting anxious over happiness is basically loop to depression and over the past few year I've had interaction with people who tried to exploit me for their little fun and pleasure.

We are no less than AI. A generation is thrown in, losers get discarded and those survive goes into next generation.

But only difference that follows is AI is built for purpose, but human life doesn't have a discrete meaning. Most of people are deluded that having a pleasure filled good life is ultimate goal but I don't see why .. if we ever built a utopia like place it would be so predictable and boring. If everyone had everything then there would be nothing to do.

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