How an actual good guy can act in world so that he is not confused with nice guy.

Because I my personality is kinda highly open and neurotic at same time. So I always listen to my peers and stuff. In past I felt like girl whom I was talking to thought I was acting nice because I had ulterior motives. I know I'm not a "nice guy" because I'm not doing this because of some hidden motive neither I expect anything in return.

This video like enlightened me. I looked back and realised how I got disconnected from myself. I felt whole again.

New fetish unlocked.

Ultra Athletic Girl

Okay.. I'm addicted to thoughts and I can't stop.

I'm weeping, tears of joy. I now know a little more about myself. I can love myself again and others.

I found the cure for despair.


People, in your free time get out of your daily lifestyle to help someone. Someone more unfortunate than you.

I'm angry at the society. I'm angry at people. They taught us wrong. Dogma made me weak. We're are individual but we are also part of network. Don't ignore connections, don't ignore will to life. Help people who need it. Help of you can, but if you can't then get to places which will make you stronger.

I was at an eye clinic yesterday.

-1.00 -0.75


When things aren't right not even Dual BIOS can save you.

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