#FreeNAS is wonderful despite this week's struggles 

Been struggling this week with FreeNAS issues caused by old and cheap USB sticks but I guess sometimes the fourth time's the charm.

This last time I just gave up on uploading the old (and possibly corrupt) config and just imported the ZFS pools. I had to remap mounted paths on the iocage jails, and I ended up deleting my old jump box which was an old warden jail and recreated it to my specifications in iocage.

The coolest part to me was just literally copying the known_hosts from the easily-accessible files from the old warden jail, plopping it in the appropriate location in the new iocage jail, redoing permissions, and voila - back in working order. Jails and the way they work are just my favorite feature.

Still stumped trying to reimplement one or two things, most of all a File History backup location for a Windows 10 box, but if nothing else I can blow it away and set up a new History share.

Overall I'm quite impressed how easy it was to get up and running on a new fresh FreeNAS install even without config. (I guess it would be more difficult if you don't remember your users and passwords, but even then it's fine to make new users and reset permissions)

Hiya niu.moe - long list of #interests behind warning 

Hiya niu.moe !

- especially idol anime

- trdaisuke.moe/FFXIV is a shortcut to my character on
- I'm not great but at least I'm not a Hanzo main


Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community ļ¼Æ(ā‰§ā–½ā‰¦)ļ¼Æ !