Has anyone made a USB stick sanitizer out of a Raspberry Pi? Did you use CIRCLean (circl.lu/projects/CIRCLean/ ) or something else? Are these systems effective protection against malware?

Cage the Mastodon: An overview of features for dealing with abuse and harassment blog.joinmastodon.org/2018/07/

The weather makes me think the past four months are just a dream I'm having in January.

I like the sentimentality of operating system bashing.

> If you think the singular they is ruining our language, youā€™re wrong; English was ruined long before you or I got here.

ā¬† this. yes. very.

joke's on you, i fool myself into waking up every day

Tacos are an expression of great love šŸŒ® šŸ’• šŸ’•

Local man arrested for teaching dolphin to bite children

Overall I'm glad I installed fortune but some of these make no earthly sense

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