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Recently set up pfsense as my home firewall/router, but maybe it's too firewally....

I've tried twice to open some ports to the wan but I still can't get in, I must be doing something wrong ;-;

My static managed to kill the first raid tier of Stormblood in about an hour and spent a lockout in O2S, more raid tomorrow night!

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1993: on the internet nobody knows you're a dog
2017: the NSA is confused and concerned by your continued very public claims of being a dog

This Withings-wrecked-by-Nokia story is exactly the thing that triggered the software freedom movement

A human being may not harm a corporation or, through inaction, allow a corporation to come to harm.

hey the windows folder on my disk takes like 30 GB can i safely delete it?

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I mean, you can always create a fork of my free open-source project, implement your garbage idea there, discover that it is garbage and come back to me.

>looks at the federated timeline
>some people talking about doomfist
>me: wait, is doomfist revealed?
>checks r/overwatch
>me: holy shit, the reveal trailer is so good

@Technowix oh, sorry for late reply - at first, there was a large delay trying to complete a required instanced story quest because they were limiting the number of players who could be there at once. unfortunately the game lacks a real queueing system for solo instances so for the first two days or so the only way to try to get in was by trying to start the quest and hoping you clicked on it at the same time someone got out. so the Skip cutscene spam was what most players were doing to get in

My initial impressions, two weeks into

Potential spoilers if you have not yet completed the MSQ.

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@cotti @Technowix Oh? Another Cactbutt on niu? :3 I'm T'rdaisuke Yayoi in the game, nice to meet you!

I'll be running through the MSQ and leveling dungeons with Proto Omega on his stream tomorrow

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Significant adjustments to the Palace of the Dead

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New hunts - I can't wait to square off against the spooky looking thing in the bottom left-hand corner

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