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why the fuck does every channel have someone standing in a hurricane?

get the hell out of there you morons

I've read more words of shitposting than I've read words of actual novels

i am a fan of unix philosophy but unix philosophy only works if all the pieces play well together

My raid group thinks I'm a furry slut pls help

my docker container that had been running beautifully for days suddenly and unexpectedly died and I don't know why... trying to start a new container yields a container in the same non-functional state... I don't get docker...

@mike @Pasty the perfect number of domains to own is n+1

where n is your current number of domains

What am I going to do with 557 GB of raid recordings...

Squid Local Cache vs duckDNS service:

Squid 2, duckDNS 0

Round 3 begin

@trdaisuke @Technowix lol I need this totemo kawaii breakfast remember this