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Tomato Hentai

my mom said "what about your math?" to my sister a moment ago and my heart fuckin sunk because i thought she was talking to me for a second
then i remembered i haven't been to school since september

kmart is allowed to die a slow painful death, but target didn't allow zellers to die a slow painful death and, frankly, im pissed off about it

They call it cheesecake because it's a cake made out of cheese 😊
#mastoart my #commissions are still open!! I'll draw your sona! I'll draw your oc! your d&d character! your favoritest pet! that deer you saw once off in the distance and it was really ethereal!

sketch $15 || color $20 ( @LANthus ) || painted $40
want something that's not here? we can talk about it! :D

hmu via dm! email required for invoicing (square/paypal)

i wonder if you can legally change your name to "Minecraft Steve" in canada

my sister is watching some roblox youtuber on the yt app for our tv in the livingroom
she hacked into a kid's account specifically to buy him robux, filmed it and uploaded it to youtube

it's your uber driver let me in i need a nap

it'd be nice if there were emulators that worked with sunplus cpus other than the one used in the vsmile so i can play some of the shitty old plug and play games i had when i was younger
i'm pretty sure the three i had were destroyed by battery corrosion (though i only know for sure that one of 'em uses a sunplus cpu)

i once heard somewhere that the scripting thing used for dialogue in earthbound was potentially so powerful that you could write a whole emulator using it

I only know about splatoon squid stuff because of the porn


🉑 ◼️ 🍅 🔴 🌘