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can't wait to spend all day on the new smash bros. stage builder

So I went into the bathroom last night because my eye was itchy, washed it out as best as I could and then woke up in the bathtub with my legs hanging over the tub wall. I don't remember getting in the tub. Remind mind to take early signs of sickness seriously next time. Thought I was dying

So when can we see that black hole in motion...?

There's now a book on mruby/c, while mruby iself doesn't even have a proper tutorial...

Gotta say I'm impressed with how well win10 works for me so far. Virtual Studio still has no excuse to waste 20gigs though

Set up a second desktop PC for windows use. Need it for development but it's nice that I can play lots of PC games again (like I have time for that lol)

I'll have to test this one later to see if I should get the USB version as well

"Guys what do we do without Reggie?" "Hold my beer..."

This video is FUN and EXCITING. The previous statement may or may not be a lie.

The online in Dragon Marked for Death works surprisingly well. Can't see why people complained - but maybe they patched that

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !