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Found it!

Been looking for this for a while. A neat tool to quickly gather some placeholder soundeffects.

Finally figured out how this collision detection works
Guess it's time to resume development

Doing a Let's Play of KHIII. Part 2 is also up because part 1 has very little gameplay.

let's play lsd part 3. this time trimmed down to be not so long.

Finally got the means to record gameplay. Started a Let's Play of LSD since I was playing it anyways, and it's a game worth capturing.

Played a round of LSD for the first time in a while. Immediately had the most silent hillish nightmare it generated so far. It's either this or nothing happening at all lol

Wish I had the means to record my sessions

Just beat KH Birth By Sleep. The game slipped past me on the PSP and now I feel I should have played it even then. Great characters, solid story and surprisingly fun gameplay once you get used to the mechanics.

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Been a while since my last review. Here's what I think of Shining Resonance (Refrain)

There's finally games available for RMMV Trinity on Switch. First one I DL immediately makes fun of how bad the software is lol

I bet all currently available games do that

Started KH Birth By Sleep on PS4. Never got around to playing this on the PSP which I haven't touched in years. It's an experience I wasn't expecting. It's like the PS2 games, but stripped down to play on much weaker hardware. The result reminds me of early 3D games with its small and lifeless areas. Thing's got a super eerie feel to it. I love it.

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