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Been a while since my last review. Here's what I think of Shining Resonance (Refrain)

There's finally games available for RMMV Trinity on Switch. First one I DL immediately makes fun of how bad the software is lol

I bet all currently available games do that

Started KH Birth By Sleep on PS4. Never got around to playing this on the PSP which I haven't touched in years. It's an experience I wasn't expecting. It's like the PS2 games, but stripped down to play on much weaker hardware. The result reminds me of early 3D games with its small and lifeless areas. Thing's got a super eerie feel to it. I love it.

Alright the new console port of RPG Maker MV has some glaring issues... but I'm still getting addicted lmao

RPG Maker for Switch. Been looking forward to this all year. Haven't touched the PC programs since switching to Linux in 2016...

Just watched SukaSuka. Gotta add the light noves to my shopping list - best anime I've seen in a long time.

deciding to not drink tea for a while was a terrible idea. not even 24h and I'm having the worst headache of my life :blobdrool:

lmao @ the FF XV fiasco. what a fitting end for a game that was released in an incompletet state.

Capcom should really do away with the faux retro look for MM12

I beat this game about twenty times and I could swear this is my first time seeing this item

What was even the point of the ballot when a house plant gets precedence over a bunch of the most wanted characters /sigh

Nothing's happening. I bet there's more online activity on PS3 lol (playing on Switch)

How do I get here again... some of these items really trip my memory lol


the box just barely fits into my cabinet :blobsweats:

My program's finally starting to look like a game \o/

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