Review of Stella Deus, a mid 2000s strategy RPG for PS2

@Olivia the trick is making studying a habitual practice, even if it's only 30minutes a day or so. it becomes easier to stay motivated over time

Never thought the day would come that I feel nostalgia for TL notes lol

Stella Deus is fantastic. Writing is one of the best I've encountered in games.

Where's F-Zero!!! And wtf has Retro Studios been doing the last 6 years.

What in the world happened to the Babylon or whatever it was called game from last year's E3?

@Jessica can those browsers even display the site?

We need a new Voyager program for this piece of artwork

@lumi_sch if true you're probably high up on various nations lists of suspicious/dangerous people lol

@Olivia I shut off that trailer after a few mins because it was too depressing lol

@Olivia is stealing shopping carts a common british past time?

Played Team Sonic Racing with friends locally. The solo online experience doesn't compare to Mario Kart 8, but I find the local team multiplayer in TSR to be much more fun than other kart racers.

I just realized pixiv has a patreon like service that japanese artists use

@Olivia "plus you're not even a gamer" always cracks me up lmao

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I have a typo in my new gmail address because I converted it from an old email address I used on my youtube account pre google and the conversion form didn't ask me to enter the new email address again lol

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