No F-Zero wtf is Nintendo even doing.

At least Mario Maker and Link's Awakening are something to look forward to

I really need to play God Eater someday

@Olivia internet drama's always been stupid. I miss the times when users were smarter and avoidance of drama was a social norm in most networks

@Olivia lmao what is that imagery even supposed to convey

@Olivia Sounds like you've got all it takes to be a real manager!

@Technowix Oh I didn't consider that old media doesn't get accessed as much.

I think the game glitched out on me. Where was the obligatory final (properly playable) original world?

@Technowix Maybe I'm just vastly overestimating the burden niu's media files are causing :blobunsure:

@Technowix can a normal household line even handle that kind of load?

Found it!

Been looking for this for a while. A neat tool to quickly gather some placeholder soundeffects.

Finally figured out how this collision detection works
Guess it's time to resume development

Doing a Let's Play of KHIII. Part 2 is also up because part 1 has very little gameplay.

let's play lsd part 3. this time trimmed down to be not so long.

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