@ocean yeah surely that's the case for many more released this year. was just the first thought that popped into my head when I read the news lol

Of course Sekiro is goty. It's the only game this year that was finished on launch (no DLC)

the nightmare barn's been revealed. we can all move on now


Oh wow Carcinogen got Kamiya to provide 5 hours of live commentary to him playing RE2

@nichii I have both those issues too. For watching anime I deliberately put my smartphone away and with games I eventually just push myself to start something.

But really I meant productive/creative hobbies :/

@Guresuke Isn't it way past midnight in japan? Hope you get a good rest, good night.

@ocean to be honest I feel a bit bad for it too. also gives me a wii nostalgia shock :(

Wow all these years later and I found a legit use for Wii Sports :-)

@FimbulFlower they sort of did that with hataraku maou-sama but then introduces the isekai elements into the real world anyways

When you answer "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games" at a "schedulded release you're most looking forward to" poll it really makes wo wonder

@nichii I'd also want to die if all I did all day was browsing reddit and eating. don't you have any hobbies?

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