Whoever is responsible for github using .X68 to recognize 68k assembly source files needs to rethink their life

@Olivia that usually happens to me when I'm not dead tired because fuck the alarm

@wasamasa "only works for method names" is a pretty simple rule to remember though

@FimbulFlower IT for people who don't work in it is fucking magic. Management literally zones out not knowing what to and so does nothing. We're past the point where people working in tech aren't even techies but normal people who only care about career/job security. Also the least lest tech-savvy IT workers become CEO. There is no hope.

That blog post was a bit of a pain because I forgot how my blogging engine handles code blocks. Think I started off spending half an hour figuring that out again lol

@thog I recommend to just buy them piece by piece after your finish reading. So if you end up losing interest you didn't waste all that money

Translation of various interviews with Breath of Fire III development staff


@isseigx he probably wrote that for twitter points

if not... lol

yeah that's why I posted that. but it turned out my internet's busted

or rather seems like the the game servers are suuuuper slow right now :/

Huh... Mario Maker actually crashed on me

@jeff I don't care if that guy really made those tweets, but that seems to be a legit opinion out there. We've been stuck with the corporate net for so long some people can't even imagine it working in the hand of the people. It's a sad state of affairs.

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