quick and ugly demo but the point is my game engine can dynamically modify backgrounds to create nice vfx

Stella Deus is fantastic. Writing is one of the best I've encountered in games.

My bitmap font reader is working! ... kind of :|

Set up a second desktop PC for windows use. Need it for development but it's nice that I can play lots of PC games again (like I have time for that lol)

I'll have to test this one later to see if I should get the USB version as well

"Guys what do we do without Reggie?" "Hold my beer..."

It's slowly coming together

And I almost gave up when my first attempt at the plane didn't come out as expected. Like I legit couldn't make sense of it, thought this whole thing was too much for me - then I realized I merely forgot to adjust the number of triangles I was passing to the function that reserves space for the mesh (which I wrote myself lol)

Adding support for multiple objects and separate transformations worked as expected

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