or rather seems like the the game servers are suuuuper slow right now :/

Huh... Mario Maker actually crashed on me

Translation of an interview with Soejima Shigenori from Stella Deus The Complete Guide


I'm pleasantly surprised how well the Super Mario Maker 2 editor controls both in handheld and in TV mode. My expectation was that it would be real clunky but it's quite snappy to use when you've gotten used to the control scheme.

Review of Stella Deus, a mid 2000s strategy RPG for PS2


Stella Deus is fantastic. Writing is one of the best I've encountered in games.

Where's F-Zero!!! And wtf has Retro Studios been doing the last 6 years.

What in the world happened to the Babylon or whatever it was called game from last year's E3?

We need a new Voyager program for this piece of artwork


Played Team Sonic Racing with friends locally. The solo online experience doesn't compare to Mario Kart 8, but I find the local team multiplayer in TSR to be much more fun than other kart racers.

I just realized pixiv has a patreon like service that japanese artists use


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I have a typo in my new gmail address because I converted it from an old email address I used on my youtube account pre google and the conversion form didn't ask me to enter the new email address again lol

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