I just realized pixiv has a patreon like service that japanese artists use


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I have a typo in my new gmail address because I converted it from an old email address I used on my youtube account pre google and the conversion form didn't ask me to enter the new email address again lol

The new Smash Bros. leak looks pretty legit unless just anyone with an account can upload whatever ads they please on google.

My bitmap font reader is working! ... kind of :|

Started playing an RPG on PS2. Needed to look something up and sure enough - there's a gamefaqs guide by A l e x. That's some critical nostalgia right there.

ok it seems the game I'm playing wasn't tested properly and has way too little deadzone lol

My PS2 controller is cursed. It sends random signals without user input. wtf

Gunlord coming to Switch (with new stages it seems). Loved the game on Dreamcast. Fingers crossed this will get a physical release too.


Finally beat Sekiro. Was looking forward to play something else but I like the game so much I gotta play at least NG+ before I can switch

Took me a bit but I managed to implement mruby into my game engine and get it to run on Windows too. \o/

ok if the trailer is anything to go by the sonic movie is going to be a ride. who uses gangsta's paraside for anything that's not shitposting in 2019?

One Punch Man s2 is airing nice. Animated by J.C.Staff. Okay.

Wait what?

It's nice that talks like this exist but what's the point when no one listens


looks like everything's fine. just migrated all my sites to a new server and domain.

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