today I'm gonna be productive!

*discovers 10 year old list of youtube favorites

Bought a microphone to record let's plays and the thing broke on me before I could make a single recording lol

Guess you get what you pay for.

Mobile games are magical. Just tried Puyo Puyo Quest. Ten minutes of tutorial for a simple Puzzle game, and then it isn't even Puyo Puyo but some generic 'click to get shinies' mobile kusoge gameplay. Disappointing.

had to compile the linux kernel. how have things come to this???/??

Just got a new laptop and had my first Windows10 experience. It was depressing.

Implementing a prototype scanline filter in SDL was easier than I expected.

one of these doesn't quite fit... (looks a lot better than all the regular spines though)

looks like famitsu's at it again with one of their english surveys. this one's for people who played persona 5:

Just cleared Lufia II in japanese. The game finally made proper sense to me and there's some depth to the characters that's missing in the localizations. Next up Final Fantasy VII...

And another review, this time on Poi. Some indi game inspired by Mario 64.

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