Whoever is responsible for github using .X68 to recognize 68k assembly source files needs to rethink their life

That blog post was a bit of a pain because I forgot how my blogging engine handles code blocks. Think I started off spending half an hour figuring that out again lol

Translation of various interviews with Breath of Fire III development staff


or rather seems like the the game servers are suuuuper slow right now :/

Huh... Mario Maker actually crashed on me

Translation of an interview with Soejima Shigenori from Stella Deus The Complete Guide


I'm pleasantly surprised how well the Super Mario Maker 2 editor controls both in handheld and in TV mode. My expectation was that it would be real clunky but it's quite snappy to use when you've gotten used to the control scheme.

Review of Stella Deus, a mid 2000s strategy RPG for PS2


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