heardbthe sound of something falling over when I found this in my other room. display glass just decided to go boom

I bet the people complaining about Fire Emblem characters in Smash are the same that complained about Piranha Plant.

Looking forward to the new Smash character, looks awesome to play as. Everyone's bitching but I totally expected another FE rep sooner or later lol

Oh god I bought the Xenoblade Soundtrack and one of the discs fits so tightly I can't remove it without worrying about snapping it apart

Of course Sekiro is goty. It's the only game this year that was finished on launch (no DLC)

the nightmare barn's been revealed. we can all move on now


Oh wow Carcinogen got Kamiya to provide 5 hours of live commentary to him playing RE2

Wow all these years later and I found a legit use for Wii Sports :-)

When you answer "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games" at a "schedulded release you're most looking forward to" poll it really makes wo wonder

"Finally my dream of Gundams fighting on the Windows XP wallpaper realized" lmao


they only need to add gatcha to ring fit adventure and the obesity crisis is overcome

quick and ugly demo but the point is my game engine can dynamically modify backgrounds to create nice vfx

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