"Guys what do we do without Reggie?" "Hold my beer..."

This video is FUN and EXCITING. The previous statement may or may not be a lie.


The online in Dragon Marked for Death works surprisingly well. Can't see why people complained - but maybe they patched that

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I want Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable mashed up into one perfect version available on the Nintendo Switch. Who do I talk to to make that happen?

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Reggie did a good job. Another face to miss in Nintendo's forthcoming announcements :/

It's slowly coming together

And I almost gave up when my first attempt at the plane didn't come out as expected. Like I legit couldn't make sense of it, thought this whole thing was too much for me - then I realized I merely forgot to adjust the number of triangles I was passing to the function that reserves space for the mesh (which I wrote myself lol)

Adding support for multiple objects and separate transformations worked as expected

Oh nice. RPGMaker MV Trinity got a 1.0.5 update and the next patch has been announced as well. Looks like there's still hope.

No F-Zero wtf is Nintendo even doing.

At least Mario Maker and Link's Awakening are something to look forward to

I really need to play God Eater someday

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