hit my Going Outside quota for today time to hit tha hay all day & eat creme eggs

i shall not switch. this is the only good instance. toffy dies with niu

my brothr doesn't understand how i can play dark souls but not fortnight.. i am proud to have grown up playing Zelder and not Call Their Duty

qwhen my game takes off and i become toby fox famous i think i'd love to make a true-to-its-roots n64 style game.. it's the only next logical step. im already excited for it

thigns my comptuer sceicne degree have been useful for:
- minecraft redstone

leave da city. start a farm. share ur crops. thas the real decentralization

im quitting software engineering to become a potato farmer

pick ur head up king.. ur burger king crown is falling

"these bio liquid tabs contain a bittering agent on its surface to prevent accidental ingestion by children" so I licked it and WHINCED hwo do people make these flavours

got a week off university work, ive been playing soooo much Minecraft oh my go

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