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Greetings! Migrating from tweeter, where I mostly ranted about MS and video games. I see no reason to change that.

Things to know:

- I like space.
- I'm a boring person.
- user. Left the MS train 2yrs ago with zero regrets.
- Anime: Heck yeah. Last one I watched (and enjoyed) that wasn't a netflix recommend was Kill la Kill.
- Programmer, maybe someday. Mainly shell scripting these days but also C++. Swift and Qt if my stars align.
- I love . Not very good though.

Beyond hitting shelves late September/October has been my prediction for a while.

Tried to turn off these BT headphones and then I hear “voice dialing”. wtf ok it’ll cancel on its own in 30s right?

5min later having not made so much as a squeak, I fumble with the buttons again: “dialing last number called”

I’m not ready for smart devices

I binged a show my buddy was planning to watch soon. Now I’m getting a play by play from ‘em and it’s so tempting to spoil it.

Even my lack of response could be spoiler.

Damn it.

Seems to have worked. But now I don’t wanna make this spaghetti code public....

no man’s sky beyond 

And there's the culprit:

eventfd: Too many open files
Protocol error: process 0024: sendmsg: Bad file descriptor

Was all set to get in a bit of nms before sleep last night. Crashes multiple times... for giggles I simply loaded a save and waited. Not even 10min later it crashed ​:blobhiss:

Tried posting an hour ago but connection crapped out. Lucky because the post had quite the typo.

Random crash and lost 45min of farming ancient bones, dangit.

Updated packages and now nms is loading at 2fps. wtf rollback rollBaCk

Trying to maintain that new years resolution is hard.

Want to sleep in but signed up for work not realizing what sunday is.

Really wanting to spin up saints row about now.

im dumb 

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