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Greetings! Migrating from tweeter, where I mostly ranted about MS and video games. I see no reason to change that.

Things to know:

- I like space.
- I'm a boring person.
- user. Left the MS train 2yrs ago with zero regrets.
- Anime: Heck yeah. Last one I watched (and enjoyed) that wasn't a netflix recommend was Kill la Kill.
- Programmer, maybe someday. Mainly shell scripting these days but also C++. Swift and Qt if my stars align.
- I love . Not very good though.

That moment you realize the promised outing just isn’t happening. Wtf I could have slept an extra 4hrs

The best part of being awake is going back to sleep~


Haven’t been able to connect to wifi for a while now. Time to set up my own thing... next month maybe

It’s okay to make mistakes until eventually SEGMENTATION FAULT

cdrama confession 

I will never understand why coming up out of the water causes massive damage/instakill in nms. Guess I jetpack out every time from now on.

Tried to socialize again today and somehow I always gotta take it a step too far ​:blobsweats:

This is so exhausting. I shouldn’t try at all. Coworker asked a question? Stone cold stare back and then keep it moving.

Success, woo. Never updating this machine again apparently.

Updated void on my pi. Can no longer access headless ;(

Let’s see if this old backup from February works. Not trying to spend money on a screen, or go digging through storage (too lazy)

The evil has been purged. I can rest now ​:blobcatmelt2:​

Next reinstall I’m steering clear of btrfs :blobhiss:​

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