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Greetings! Migrating from tweeter, where I mostly ranted about MS and video games. I see no reason to change that.

Things to know:

- I like space.
- I'm a boring person.
- user. Left the MS train 2yrs ago with zero regrets.
- Anime: Heck yeah. Last one I watched (and enjoyed) that wasn't a netflix recommend was Kill la Kill.
- Programmer, maybe someday. Mainly shell scripting these days but also C++. Swift and Qt if my stars align.
- I love . Not very good though.

30°~60°F is what I consider autumn. But that seems to be “winter” these days


2020 goals 

- Get a better job
- Self host: peertube, irc/matrix, fossil, etc
- Work on ps4 backlog


Went outside and thought I was in Silent Hill.

Finally got around to hooking up the ds4 controller for gaming but everything is displayed with xbox button prompts.

Waited 3hrs now. Called them back to see wtf is eta... they’re claiming they called and left a voicemail that they would be unable to come out until tomorrow at 8am. It’s almost noon now.

I had a feeling I should just request roadside assistance from insurance from the getgo but noooo i had to go straight to the locksmith route.

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Sitting in my car for the past 2hrs waiting for the automotive locksmith to come. Still nothing.

Believe me this is the last time I accidentally bend my car keys.

Plus they want my phone number during account creation. Nothx

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Really hesitant to create a linkedin account. But at the same time my job prospects have been nonexistent for a while now.

Do i get a cookie for never having owned or played gta v

Picked the wrong day to do an online order for pickup. Been almost 3hrs and it’s still in preparing phase. Need this stuff for work....

Maybe I just do battle with all the other shoppers.

If only I had the spare time and money to setup a peertube instance...... wouldn’t know what to post now that I think about it

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !