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Greetings! Migrating from tweeter, where I mostly ranted about MS and video games. I see no reason to change that.

Things to know:

- I like space.
- I'm a boring person.
- user. Left the MS train 2yrs ago with zero regrets.
- Anime: Heck yeah. Last one I watched (and enjoyed) that wasn't a netflix recommend was Kill la Kill.
- Programmer, maybe someday. Mainly shell scripting these days but also C++. Swift and Qt if my stars align.
- I love . Not very good though.

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Now that I’ve got these child widgets in an acceptable state, might rewrite this crap yet again. Or maybe put it all together first and ensure it actually works.

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Forgot I was hoarding/piecing together a machine a while ago. Most of it is in storage at this point. Still lacking: disk drive, case, power supply, and monitor.

Phenom II 975(ish?)
nvidia 290

This monster will live someday, maybe... ​:blob_laughing:

I’d heard of thefuck for a while but never bothered to get it, much less use it.

That all changed just now. I’m enjoying the variable names way too much

Working in reverse order seems to be going better. Weird.

Need to brain storm some new ideas ​:blobsweat:

People here are weird. “Yay, spring is here!”

Expected high of 90F in the coming days.

Tweaked some stuff and esync, then rebooted. Now I’m in emergency shell wtf this is not the april 1st I was looking forward to.

Will deal with it later

Dangit died on permadeath because a critter managed to hit me through several feet of rock ​:kirby_angery:

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !