I just saw my semester schedule. Apparently I will be forced to work with C# for Windows. I'm a Linux user :blobsweats:

Moreover, virtual machines during exams is considered cheating. I don't dual-boot.

@fred can't you ask them what can you do besides installing windows?

@tibike I can loan a computer, but I would hate to be using Windows during the semester.

@tibike my laptop should easily be able to handle a VM, especially with the new one I am considering getting.

@fred When I was in Denmark they let us use whatever. I said that I don't want to use 3DSMax or Maya and I was familiar with Blender when I had that class even though they had licences for them.
But i guess every uni is different. This was at KEA

@tibike a large part of what we do is group projects. I have a hard time even convincing my peers to use LaTeX.

@fred I know that feel...
I managed to get good peers and we divided the work pretty evenly back then.

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