@micrackbiron slav languages are like:
> Oh, why do we even need vowels, let's just string together consonants and if it is too hard to pronounce we'll allow some of them vowels in but for an extra fee, no excuses.

@tibike Как мне присоединиться к Мастодонту?

@micrackbiron I can read this and understand kak, mnje and mastodon

@tibike Tbh I had to look it up...my Russian is terrible. 😂

@micrackbiron that 1.5 month I learned Russian does not make me better either.
I can probably make a distinction between Ukrainian and Russian if I hear them spoken long enough but I kind of know jack-shit...

@tibike If I took more time to learn it, I'm sure I could be pretty good, but I have 50,000 hobbies... 😆

@micrackbiron I am reaching the limit of my knowledge and I did a quick search to be sure this is how it is in Ukrainian. I can sing Катюша and say a few numbers and stock phrases.

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