@tibike I was surprised to spot, that only existential jokes seem to be the strongest to cheer me up.

Would repost this, but the only other person, who would appreciate this – as I think – could be just tagged in. Ne, @dirb​?
@tija @tibike I don't often get existential crisis, but when I get one, I just focus my mind on pointless and repetitive tasks

@tija @dirb when I get an existential crisis I just feed the beast until my consciousness starts being so reflective on itself it is painful and then I just bounce back to normal.

@tija @dirb If I'm on fedi I'm not in an existential crisis, usually I just leave because I don't want to involve other people or cause suffering and return when I'm back to normal.

@tibike @tija that's like stop drinking by just keep drinking until you collapse

@dirb @tija quite an apt description

I just think of it like a rubber band

you stretch it 'till it can't handle it no more

then it snaps back

sharp pain

then back to normal

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