@tibike >not seeing your alarm for 0500 at 0330

@awg being amateur for a night is not that hard after a streak of 40 days and 40 nights of pure failure

@awg well that rain wasn't the best thing to reference I guess...

Also, aren't amateurs the only people who are passionate about a field and still do it in a haphazard way and keeping the momentum of enthusiasm up and not letting the "professionals and corporates" take out every drop of fun out of said field?

@tibike oi, that's a decidedly redpilled take but I basically agree with it. it's quite possible to be a professional without being "corporate", but that's increasingly rare in $current-year.

@awg tbh I just jotted it down and didn't give it as much thought as I did with the differentiation between music/sound/noise

But I observed this on myself as well and on my peers as when they are starting to transition from amateur to professional they kind of loose all enthusiasm for the thing.

@tibike I think most people enter a field with a childlike abandon. but most people tamper with this as soon as it comes down to being Successful or "making a living"--they don't reconcile their idealism with their "practical" side. it need not be this way.

tbh I'm actually more enthusiastic overall now than I was when I got into my field. the difference is that I'm jaded by things I now know to be timesinks, and avoid things that distract me from the things that made me want to get into doing this in the first place. I don't need to change the world, I just need to find that bit of bliss and carve out my life so I can do it.

@awg my enthusiasm in mostly directed towards discovering the human condition, and I kind of resigned most activities that don't help me in this quest.

The second part is quite close to my mindset, but somehow I think control sometimes slips through my fingers before I get a firm grasp of it.

@tibike we've only one lifetime to explore possibilities--being ruthless about how you invest your time and energies is the correct way imho.

I've a bit of an "80-20" rule that I use as a litmus test--so long as at least 80% of my time is doing things I like doing, up to 20% of the stuff I don't like (or even hate) I'll accept as the cost of being able to spend 80% of my time doing what I enjoy. when it occurs to me that there is no longer such balance, I look hard at what I'm doing and make changes. if nothing else, sticking to this rule forces you to face difficult decisions.

@tibike me holding my iphone 5 longing for the good old days when they were built well

yeah, i was only i high school freshman, pre-pubescent and 5'5"

good times

@cdmnky ah yes, the times when I didn't have money but had some freedums

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