My father might just get the S9 and he said if I want I can give him my phone and he'll give me the S9

Personally not a fan of the S series and the LG G6 is still better looking in my opinion than the S9 because grip-wise sits better in my hand and is more shock resistant, but I'd like that oled screen tho

@saxnot hello :)

For what occasion may I attribute this follow?

human brain: i iz angery
gorilla brain: hit somethigz
chimpanzee brain: scream
orangutan brain: silent content and eat fruit
gorillaz brain: feel good

I think I just alienated some people by writing stuff and not proofreading it.

feels bad man :blobsad:

Kíváncsi vagyok ki ismeri a módosított magyar népmesékből a "Babi néni strandra megy" részt.

Mindig fel tud vidítani :)

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