Ye I like cacao, but I'm not interested in your cocoa-nut-sack

Discovering that this joke has already been made is heck of a bummer

Game concept: SEALDA

A game where you go about in a open world as a Navy SEAL seal Link and seal in people alive in graves and when doing the last finish you say "да"

No amount of beer can help when you're sailing naked in a sea of glass shards

Objects around you don't need to be objects, they can now be vivified and imbued with digital-spirits

It's all fun and games until another mastodon instance is like:


    / ̄ ̄\
   |・ U  |
   ||(ノ   \ ミ
  / ̄ ̄匚    ヽ
 |・ U  \   |
 ||(ノ    \ ノ
  L||_| ̄ ̄|_| L亅

Before the pussy crumbles, please see a gynaecologist

(god fucking damn it why can't I type it on first try...)

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