Octodon needs an octopus mammoth hybrid mascot if it doesn't already have one. Picture something that has tentacles, saberteeth and a trunk. Now take out the hentai girl you inserted in the middle of that... Perfect.

What would happen if you trained that "everything looks like dogs and peacocks" neural network on porn instead?

heyyyy u loged in
wlcme 2 lunix

bahs:~$ help
help: unkown comand; did u men "hlep"
bazz:~$ hlep
lol iunno?
bhas:~$ cdd /hmoe
bahh:/hoem$ lz
thor/ odin/ baldur/
bash:/hmee$ plz ax
1 init
2 gettyy
3 geety
44 lulz
5 w/e
bae:/home$ kil 4
ait i killz
bassh:/homz$ exxit

There is a small part of me that wants to make an extremely minimal ActivityPub implementation that doesn't even require an external database...

People who open chests:
- Role-play gamers
- Heart surgeons

Anime kind of ruins any illusion you may have of cute things being innocent. >_>;;

Okay, so I decided to narrow down my follow list to only stuff that fits niu.moe's theme of cuteness. XD

I'm gonna need to follow a few people on here...

niu.moe is primarily focusing on vintage computer hardware at the moment. Not *quite* what I expected, but hey...

Shoot. All the anime I've watched is kind of deliberately not overly sugary. Not gonna be easy to find a good avatar. :blob_laughing:

I suspect I'm going to have to pick a cuter avatar than, *gasp*, even my cat. But what?

The federated timeline on niu.moe is so fast... :blobfearful:

When you think you saw your reflection in the window, but it was someone in the next building. o_o;


We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !