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Does anyone have a good configurable screenshot sharing app for linux?

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I found out telegram desktop has an option to use the native notifications and honestlyy
why isn't this the default? telegram's notifications are bad. they're not good. just use the system ones like every other app

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tired: gsm at 36c3
wired: dect at 36c3

If you don't know where to go after shutdown and you don't mind using Pleroma, I would recommand:

- (by @karen)
- (by @solidsanek)
- (by @steph)

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#kawen is a very good admin

and if anyone is looking for instance is open

For anyone wanting to follow me around, I already have a secondary account at @thog

I don't know if I will use it as my main tbh but I will communicate about it here & there

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btw if anyone on or anywhere else wants an account, is open registrations
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Reminder that niu brought me and @waifu back together and now we're living together so that's a pretty big deal

Thanks for everything @miaourt!
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Hey niuers, if you're looking for a new instance, is open :blobowo:
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New track is now available on bandcamp!

Soundcloud soon, gonna upload now
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money beg 

I really hate the frequency that I'm having to do this lately, but I could really use y'all's help again

right now, that I can think of, I have:
- a late bill for the credit I had to use to get my phone ($55)
- I have to re-up my antidepressants and hormones ($65)
- I'm under in my account ($5 for now, assuming I can bring it back up before they hit me with fees for it)
- phone bill ($35)

so like,,,,,, $150 total, assuming I'm not forgetting anything, and that's still not counting the probably... $25 or so of services I use to maintain my personalized email address, my hosting, all of that, at the end of the month (everything here I need to have by around the middle of the month)

if you can do anything to help it will be super appreciated

I have a cashapp at$transi2 , but if you're outside the US you'll probably need to use my PayPal, in which case I can DM you the link if you ask
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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !