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For anyone wanting to follow me around, I already have a secondary account at @thog

I don't know if I will use it as my main tbh but I will communicate about it here & there

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If you don't know where to go after shutdown and you don't mind using Pleroma, I would recommand:

- (by @karen)
- (by @solidsanek)
- (by @steph)

@lanodan @freon nan only did that on the steam link, but it's possible (see switchroot's Linux For Tegra)

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i wrote a script that takes your mrf reject rules (or any list of domains rlly) and turns them into iptable drop rules

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So I want a BLÅHAJ and @lis wants me to buy it at a store and not online :blush_cirno:

What should I do?

Knowing that buying it in a store also mean transporting it while cuddling it in a bus/metro (a 1 meter shark)

@quad @Wolf480pl rip

if you extract the game cart and just use lockpick_rcm to get the keys that could be enough to make it run tho

@quad @Wolf480pl (we are working on making it more user-friendly, sadly we aren't that much working on it so it takes really a lot of time)

@quad @Wolf480pl well you need quite some stuffs to make it run, if you need help ping me

@quad @Wolf480pl (we still don't have a shader cache and aot still need to be merged)

@quad @Wolf480pl Sword works on Ryujinx but is slow as we are still working on having everything render accurately (not like another emulator) but that will change with time

@quad @Wolf480pl they have a 300$ bounty if you want to try fixing it

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Seems like I'll go to 36c3! I just got a ticket for my SO and myself. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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