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wired: dect at 36c3

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I still have plans for fedi, and really want to stay close to most of yall, but niu was drafty and didn't ended like I would want now, and I can't change that, I want to find back the fun of building something I had in 2017, but for now there will be some time of pause uhuh
I /might/ also have plans for a tiny human-scale server for really desperate friends that /really/ can't find a place outside, but please please please, I beg u, do find somewhere else if you can because I will have very high standard of comfness for myself, including being very ideologically strict or other stuff like that, so unless you beg allegiance to your local queer-anarchist-nerd-gamer-socialist party ya might not find anything cool there.
Again, this is a sketch, and my last sketch ended having broken foundations, and I don't want it to end badly for me and others, so don't put hope at all in that.

I love you all and again, thanks you. :blobcatheart:

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Back :bunhd:

Thanks a loooot everyone :blobmeltsoblove:
Also to make it clear another time : I'm not leaving, I'm only letting the ship sink.

So uh now that I'm more calm now I want to reply to some of the questions and plans for future

Don't worry I will try to find ideas for everyone to stay in contact if they wish to, this could be some simple page hosted on the ashes of niu with a link to all your alts next to your usernames/profile pic, or better, I will think about it, also if you have ideas you can reach me.

So yes, you will not miss anyone, this will stay as some kind of index to find all of you back :3

I will try to include all of this in a email for all of, including help to backup your datas.
In the meanwhile, ya can follow this useful doc blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/06/

My heart is quite torned up too because so much memories here but well, not gonna re-say everything, public instances are too much for me.

I stopped the Patreon for a month, and will renew the stop each months, I don't want to take the page down because I still have the "founder" privileges on there so it would be dumb to loose it in case I start doing drawing of my feet for a living... well. So I will contact you on there one by one about this and restart it when everyone is aware. Non-replying people will be removed from it.


If you don't know where to go after shutdown and you don't mind using Pleroma, I would recommand:

- kawen.space (by @karen)
- outerheaven.club (by @solidsanek)
- iscute.moe (by @steph)

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#kawen is a very good admin

and if anyone is looking for instance kawen.space is open

For anyone wanting to follow me around, I already have a secondary account at @thog

I don't know if I will use it as my main tbh but I will communicate about it here & there

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btw if anyone on nie.moe or anywhere else wants an account, iscute.moe is open registrations
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Reminder that niu brought me and @waifu back together and now we're living together so that's a pretty big deal

Thanks for everything @miaourt!
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Hey niuers, if you're looking for a new instance, kawen.space is open :blobowo:
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🔴⚠️ niu.moe, very important ⚠️🔴 

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New track is now available on bandcamp!


Soundcloud soon, gonna upload now
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Considered with @thog doing some online room to organise for Fosdem but there is like no fucking services to reach everyone beside discord theses days

And there is still the few (legitimate ones) that categorically refuse to use this privacy nightmare place, so we also need to find a way to accommodate them...

How difficult our millennials lifes are ffs

@ivesen rofl could restart pleroma.thog.eu in theory I have backup of it

@duponin hehe~, I haven't booted this one for a while

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !