So I want a BLÅHAJ and @lis wants me to buy it at a store and not online :blush_cirno:

What should I do?

Knowing that buying it in a store also mean transporting it while cuddling it in a bus/metro (a 1 meter shark)

@thog @lis Voted for you to buy it in the store cos it's cuter
@thog @lis tfw I can't buy it online from where I live and I'd be forced to get it from a store :<

Go get it from a store too!
@thog @lis public transit with a shørk is good I recommend

@thog @lis I have a similar dilemma but with my bicycle.

@marisa @thog i'll have you know i transported my blåhaj partially by bike, strapped to my backpack

@thog @marisa simply two straps around shark and backpack, one below the back fin, one between pelvic and back fin

@thog @lis Store, the early you can cuddle it, the better

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