Does anyone have a good configurable screenshot sharing app for linux?

@thog Flameshot supports Imgur, but a lot of Linux people just do a shell script that uploads to whatever service they want (provided it's supported)

@Flaky well I have that already for the uploading side, just need something to take a screenshot and execute a script (+ copy to clipboard)

@thog I think Maim would be a pretty good program for that then.

@thog i use grim and slurp on sway.. dunno if this helps ya, but i love them XD

grim -g "$(slurp)" /tmp/$(date +%s)-grim.png

@rick still on x11 because *sighs* NVIDIA

@thog than xfce4-screenshooter

used this on i3/x11. i think it doesnt have many or even any dependencies

@rick I was using screencloud until now but it's mostly unmaintained and broke with python 3.8

@rick @thog

use maim and slop.
grim and slurp are based (as in inspiration) on those 2 tools
@rick @thog

for example:

though scrot can be used too, although maim and slop are a more stable/reliable in my personal experience

@rick @thog grim+slurp on sway too here. I wrote a script [1] to make bindings in my sway config shorter. Includes a mode to screenshot the active window.


@minus @thog oh, cool :3
the active window stuff is intresting ^^
@thog well no, but yes
`import png:- | xclip -i -t image/png -selection clipboard` binded to PrintScreen via xbindkeys
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