If you don't know where to go after shutdown and you don't mind using Pleroma, I would recommand:

- kawen.space (by @karen)
- outerheaven.club (by @solidsanek)
- iscute.moe (by @steph)

@thog @karen @solidsanek @steph goddam there are so many pleroma instances and so few mastodon ones

@ninchuka @thog @karen @solidsanek because from the users perspective you can use the mastodon frontend on pleroma and it's *better* than mastodon and it's easier to host

so, most people tend to do that

@steph @karen @ninchuka @thog @solidsanek Also, it uses much less resources which means it's cheaper to host.

If you are setting up a new instance today there isn't much reason to use Mastodon.

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