Finally got some time to do some stuffs on my board o/

rboot now works at EL2 & EL1 (and might work at EL3 but I'm going to check that soon for my secure monitor :3)

@thog yeah I mean,
you pay for a devboard but you don't truly own it until you run code in the highest privilege level, right?

@Wolf480pl but I can run anything unsigned on it lol, I don't need to hack anything here lol

@thog but it still took you some work.

IMO own != hack

@Wolf480pl Well it took me a bit of work to fix relocation but I don't needed that much to make it runs like that lol

After all I just init pinmux, uart and do mmu and exception vectors setup 🤷

@Wolf480pl A bit scary buuut it's just a matter of reading the doc and testing in qemu :P

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