@wizard grab one of the TX1 board on nvidia dev site, they are at 239€ and it's the last day before EOL

Lol that's way too much money for me to impulse buy.

W.e I'll find another fun SoC to play with later :rember:

@wizard yeah but it's quite cheap for something this powerful, that is why I bought this one :3

@fence right now? I forced a recovery mode ans I'm waiting for it to dump the eMMC (as the linux password of the quick start isn't working lol)

@fence OS dev, booting the Switch Kernel, play with the GPU idk
I bought it for a school project but I have too many things to do with it :3

@fence Well it's quite powerful so I guess I could use it for a ton of stuffs :P

@fence @igeljaeger no I mean running the Nintendo Switch Kernel on it as my os dev project is reimplementing it in Rust x)

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