And this is the death of EdgeHTML and ChakraCore...
So there is still Gecko and Webkit that still stand as alternatives and that is clearly not good...

Hurrah! Google took over the Web browser space as planned.

@dd86k Hope that Apple/Mozilla will come back at some point, that could help a bit

@thog Mozilla has been coming back decently well with the new integration for Firefox. Just sucks that some devs considers only supporting Chromium and Google Chrome.

@dd86k @thog that nand the stupid concert promo emails

@thog sooooooooooo

If it's all about loving open source and creating less fragmentation and issues

why don't they just up open source EdgeHTML and make sure it meets open standards?

that's right, because Microsoft

@thog I think they just expected to repeat the success of node.js, but they didn't realize node.js already existed

now it'll just become abandoned

@thog well, webkit is like 85% blink, just not supporting as many standards
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