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Jibril @thog@niu.moe

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Hi, I'm Thog, a 20 year old French baguette actually student @ 42.

I do IT, system programming, software engineering and a lot of reverse engineering recently always seeking for any bit of new knowledge.

I love reading and I am also an audiophile.

Oh and I'm also a moderator here, at your service 👼

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will reboot for update in some sec ~

Some perturbation in the next secs :3

Getting things done for school

The problem of my VPS... don't try to build rust thing, it will last for decade

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Actually.. A lot of people tell me, "but dd, why?", "there's already X", "what would it offer over X?"

Look pal, I might be single, but coding is fun and so is re-inventing the wheel. If I want to be good, I have to keep re-inventing things to understand them and/or make those better for myself

I mean no offence to anyone btw

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