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Okay so my streaming setup is done, this will be the twitch channel:

I still don't know when I will start streaming but I hope to do at least one stream this week end

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So I got back on my secure monitor in Rust for the T210 and here we are :3

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Hi, I'm Thog, a 20 year old French lemon actually student @ 42.

I do IT, system programming, software engineering and a lot of reverse engineering recently always seeking for any bit of new knowledge.

I love reading and messing with my Nintendo Switch :3

Oh and I'm also admin here, at your service 🍋

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me: "I want my OS to be in full crystal"
*20 min later*
me: "Let's trick the compiler"

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When the planets are aligned to be against you

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i think i may have a fetish for avoiding heap allocations

using a generational arena for storing entities and instead of using a Vec<GenIndex> for the children, using an array inside the entity


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Worked enough for today (I just squashed rust repository in one commit to reduce network overhead)

video of me waiting for xargo to compile rust's stdlib

So my rust std port for Sunrise is at a working state (no network, symlink, condvar, stdin or env propagation yet but everything else is in place)

I have all coreutils executables mostly working (only five are broken)

Time to try integrating that in the build system... :notlikeblob:

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me: *searches some activitypub/activitystreams crate in Rust*
the crates: GPL v3

me: the hell?!

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