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Captain Murasa ⚓

whats up niu its pasty the real bread gamer today were playing this pokemon emerald romhack called breadomon
today i wrote like 3 lines of elixir code and deployed them

i'm an elixir programmer now

Btw for SuPeRioR people running on MaStOdOn (so people).
You can mute this "thread" mess on your end if you want

wait the topic is still active???

The new #gmail announcement is 25.4 MB just to load the page (with javascript disabled)... I think that nicely outlines that #Google forgot what people loved them for...

Gah I can't even mute the conversation... I'm working guys that's not fun.

Time to read the TRM a bit... wish me luck...

> Start reversing something
> I have a feeling of...
> Deja vu play in background

Soooo from yesterday, I have tried to do some debugging on the falcon... guess what? Debugging doesn't seems to work... maybe some part of the init is missing?
I think I will do a custom fusee payload to throw shit to the TSEC

me: wants to ask a question in
also me: no one is talking aaaaaaaaaaaaah

Congrats to Diogo Cordeiro on getting a GSoC internship this summer to add ActivityPub to GNU Social!

And thanks to GNU Social maintainer mmn-o for mentoring!

Nintendo Switch scene went from 0->100mph in about 4 days

Too bad my Nintendo switch is hundreds of miles away

So let's fill my switch bingo (need my tsec key)