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Hi, I'm Thog, a 20 year old French lemon actually student @ 42.

I do IT, system programming, software engineering and a lot of reverse engineering recently always seeking for any bit of new knowledge.

I love reading and messing with my Nintendo Switch :3

Oh and I'm also admin here, at your service 🍋

Looking great 👌
I still need to get the cache invalidation/write back in place but after that I will be able to really start this driver :P

Ah yes I should use "NvRmMemHanldeAllocAttr", right? :eyes:

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So I finally found the reason of why my secure monitor break non secure world...

So apparently, interruptions are broken somehow and I don't really know why...

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I should maybe reimplement some logger service instead of creating more and more tty to throw logs 🤔

Praise the sun, I have finished the tutorial

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ive been working on that stuff more, here's what the tileset looks like now! (ive not had much chance to work on it aha)

The Legend of Pika: Chu of Time

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Finally got some time to do some stuffs on my board o/

rboot now works at EL2 & EL1 (and might work at EL3 but I'm going to check that soon for my secure monitor :3)

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !