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Hi, I'm Thog, a 20 year old French lemon actually student @ 42.

I do IT, system programming, software engineering and a lot of reverse engineering recently always seeking for any bit of new knowledge.

I love reading and messing with my Nintendo Switch :3

Oh and I'm also admin here, at your service 🍋

Time to get ready to watch SGDQ

(the last achievement is to win a bullet hell minigame)

one achievement left aargh (the other is just one you get when you have all of them)

GitHub is having issues or is it me?

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fri :blobowo: dey :blobmelt: fri :blobowo: dey :blobmelt: fri :blobowo: dey :blobmelt: fri :blobowo: dey :blobmelt: fri :blobowo: dey :blobmelt: fri :blobowo: dey :blobmelt:
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We are organizing a gamejam at our school, UTC+1, for this week-end

If someone of ya want to participate :3

VA-11 (endings ect) 

So today I overslept again... arrrgh blame VA-11

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Sooo well VA-11 how to say that... I'm not into visual novel that much but this one... man I love it!

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What do programmers do when they're sick in bed?

They hack

VA-11 Hall A 

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Also the website itself is open source client and a cowboy

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