:smug_kura: i just started playing Destiny Child yesterday and got Snow Miku this morning

motion controls are great *throws a wiimote at you* oops haha sorry slipped out of my hand *throws another one* *strangles you with the nunchuck cable*

unlike you fucking children playing G-rated wii sports, i play kinect adventures, a game for adults. mild sexual references and coarse language galore, bitch. my favourite part is when your avatar (cool version of mii) turns to the camera and says "did you really buy a kinect? do you have nothing better to do with your money, you vapid cunt?"

I'm really craving gummy worms rn.

Gummy worms are one of the best candies

white boys be drinking mayonnaise milkshakes up in here

meditating on how to become mastodon's jake paul

ÔÇťcoming outÔÇŁ as kinky 

i will never forget the night we all spent like 5 hours straight just laughing uncontrollably about soylent

aaaah i know im prolly late about this, but this adaptation for kaguya-sama was amazing

10/10 would recommend :blobblush:

:blobamused: i made cookies over the weekend using a bonappetit recipe. it has toffee and chocolate.

­čĄž i love animal crossing, they really should make a switch version

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