Jesus Christ. This idea is poison and the fact people are legitimately considering it is dire. The Australian version too.

Band practice returned after the winter and I forgot how fun it was I didnt wanna stop :ablobspin:

Watched twisted pair with a few drinks and it was absolutely incredible. Good job Neil Breen

Cool windows fitted in the connecting bridge between two buildings

Rested and ready for my first proper day today :owobread:

Im in hong kong! Ive not slept for stupid amount of time but I've finally unpacked and relaxing for a short while

Went to a link of an npr article and rejected the GDPR popup actually gives you a text only page which is honestly really amazing. I wish more sites did this but that might be too hopeful

its amazing how much crap ive managed to accumulate

on a final note ive had 3 games so far store their save/config files in my home directory and it really makes me tick im not sure why people do that for their linux ports. I guess they don't care enough?

Saying that i'm having a lot of fun with Baba is You so far

yeah i dont think i can watch anymore after those 2 seconds

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