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Now that i'm fairly comfortable with the fediverse I guess I'll make a pinned toot

I'm a British computer user interested in Media in general including anime, Music, Linux, UK politics and high level programming. I play guitar and love my Telecaster to death.

I'm hoping to maybe talk to people more but im quite content with just reading toots by all the cool people on this instance.

I'm bad at describing myself but I hope this is a good guideline for the few people who read it. :blobhappy:

I hate Eurovision yet cant look away

Its 4am, I guess Eurovision excitement has kept me up

I cant explain how much I've grown to detest behaviour like this, I've seen it more in games but it's spread to every medium in ""geeky"" ""pop culture"". It's a fundamental misunderstanding of what art they're consuming and only hurts the people who work hard to make it.

Im taking an hour long train to vote next week since im away from home, will probably at least have a day out in Manchester or something so I don't have back to back trips

I also saw a brexit party leaflet on the table of a family member the other day, my heart sank


#EU citizens! Please remember that elections for the European Parliament are being held on:

🗳️ May 23 (NL, UK)
🗳️ May 24 (IE, CZ)
🗳️ May 25 (LV, MT, SK, CZ)
🗳️ May 26 (all other countries)

Make sure you can vote on that day please! Thank you 💙 🇪🇺 💙

I actually learnt and understood a lot from the talk despite really not knowing much about IoT. Ive still got to work on talking to people though even with free beer but because I don't know much about the subject felt its better to get home early this time

Yeah, im worried about my F U T U R E. You could say im pretty cool 😎

Jesus Christ. This idea is poison and the fact people are legitimately considering it is dire. The Australian version too.

boosted bittorrent uses SHA1, which is now within the realm of medium sized organizations to defeat. It's time to upgrade the bittorrent protocol to sha3 / sha256

We have really sophisticated sandboxing on mobile platforms but people are still fine or unaware of how many default permissions or extra ones the big players request.

I checked to see what a train ticket purchasing app wanted from me before installing and it required my phone call history and precise location, their mobile website is also gimped and has constant popups to install the app. Screw this hell future.

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That recent WhatsApp CVE is scary as hell and a dangerous reminder of what government level actors can do to 1.5Bn users if they want to

Band practice returned after the winter and I forgot how fun it was I didnt wanna stop :ablobspin:

The entire thing couldnt have taken me more than half an hour with my constantly checking if I was doing anything wrong

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I decided to go with a different ROM when I discovered copperheadOS is back from the dead after the drama and supports my phone so now I've finally de-googled my phone 😎

Ive also set up a pihole + VPN that I can use on my phone and having everything finally sorted just feels great


looking back at the IO headlines nothings grabbing me apart from the live captioning but Google having amazing engineers isn't news

Watched twisted pair with a few drinks and it was absolutely incredible. Good job Neil Breen

After reading more on purisms new service and what they've actually done I was right to be skeptical but Jesus is it a lot worse than I thought it was

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !