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Now that i'm fairly comfortable with the fediverse I guess I'll make a pinned toot

I'm a British computer user interested in Media in general including anime, Music, Linux, UK politics and high level programming. I play guitar and love my Telecaster to death.

I'm hoping to maybe talk to people more but im quite content with just reading toots by all the cool people on this instance.

I'm bad at describing myself but I hope this is a good guideline for the few people who read it. :blobhappy:


Cool windows fitted in the connecting bridge between two buildings

Rested and ready for my first proper day today :owobread:

Im in hong kong! Ive not slept for stupid amount of time but I've finally unpacked and relaxing for a short while

Last day of work before I go abroad tomorrow. Never been out of Europe before im really excited


Please look at this sign I saw while in the car just now

Wanted to show my friend the power of :bun: on the instance and it worked thank you friends


the only thing thats troubling me is making them all use the same set of data or at least letting nextcloud get all of it then different server programs can get subdirectories that they need (Photos, Music, Media Centre etc) but it doesnt seem to be that simple

im going to use my remaining month or so before moving in with the grillfren to plan how im going to make this amazing self hosted media server to replace all my SaaS and ive never been more excited


Went to a link of an npr article and rejected the GDPR popup actually gives you a text only page which is honestly really amazing. I wish more sites did this but that might be too hopeful

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !