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reply with birds and i will post bunnies until i run out

why do people even come here just to share twitter posts? sourcing art is okay and all but when you're just spreading drama and memes it seems so pointless

i thought we were here to get away from that

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Discord loves open source is the biggest lie that has ever been told in written history

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 .    *     *    .🌙   *    .  *  ☄️.
  * .  🌍  *     .    *   💫  *   
 .  * . always rember * .  
 *  .   happy day   * .
  .    .  *   ✨  .  *    .   *     *
     *   .     .        .  *    🌕   .
 *   🌕   .    .   * ⭐️    *   . *

the phrase new year new me should be outlawed because it's not immediately followed by shedding your skin and assuming a new form

what's the word for when you were having a good day but then remembered you're still alive and you hate everyone around you so you crave your own death

i wanna know what that word is

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had a good birthday, glad i got to spend time with my friends even though some of them were feeling sick. got some love n' a few gifts. gave some love...

finally not feeling so sad about this day!

shoutouts to google translate for sometimes making japanese come off super cutesy and adorable in english

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@Majkatsu I like how the last line is literally "I've made up my mind and refuse to change it even with evidence"

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this old doodle where Red and Pyukumuku both like to pick spot and just sit there a long time....

Blue has to pick up Red a lot lol

#pokemon #pkmn #fanart #mastoart

remember the one sex joke in quad city djs' track "space jam"

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i love spelling things wrong on purpose

asshole --> asse hoale

so good news is my artistic output has gone from 0 to 12% but the bad news is i'm only eating one meal a day again and neither of those are related

at least i got a handle on my depression now, kinda

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think I'm just gonna go with they/them

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