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somebody should write a browser script that replaces every instance of "tweet" with "toot"

me installing windows update: "please don't break one thing"

update: *breaks two things"

maths checks out

i think it's weird that ubisoft is using the watchdogs ip to do ambitious things again, knowing that it's traditionally known for being a disappointment

if legion does work out though, that's gonna be some good fun

sad internet pol - vent 

Early success of the Oculus Quest looks like it's going to do a lot of good for the stagnating VR scene right now; I think the Quest is exactly what VR needed.

I can't shake my fear of Facebook though; hopefully they don't ruin this.

zombies in media in the past: rawr scary we'll eat your brains

zombies in media now: hi we're here as set dressing this show is actually about human on human conflict we're not even on screen most of the time

i'm going to sacrifice an entire galaxy to the blobcat god so that i may become one with the blobcat singularity


It's honestly really hard not to become wholly disinterested in the games industry these days.

internet pol 

sad internet pol 

mild pol 

Artists to Spotify: Pay us more money
Spotify: We literally cannot pay you any more do you know how little money nine dollars a month is to split across all the artists a person can possibly listen to

Music streaming was always inherently an unsustainable business practice and people are only starting to realize that and it's depressing

In fact, streaming services are all inherently unsustainable if you really think about it


The most painful thing you can do is watch people talk about economics on Reddit.

Tumblr has lost over 30% of it's visits since the porn ban.

And considering the reports I'm hearing about the bad NSFW-flagging bot, I expect we'll see Tumblr fall soon. They've started a chain reaction that isn't going to stop. People are hanging on right now because of all the communities they've built up, but as the other users they are in touch with leave or are unjustly banned, they will lose those communities and they will leave too.

also i cannot wait for more diversity in borderlands 3

the borderlands series has had an incredible track record with gay and bi representation but it hasn't been quite as spot on with black representation

bl3's siren is gonna be black and it's also gonna be a melee character and i'm just saying HELL YEAH

borderlands 3 is gonna get announced at pax east and i am SO HYPED


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