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i got three people on a discord server to change their name to "t."

nothing else to add

every time i see some shitwit on reddit confuse copyright with trademarks i vomit blood

"If a company doesn't defend their IP they lose it" no you don't that's only for trademarks

these people do no research and keep trying to lecture people and it's a pita

a SINGLE search stands between them and a basic fact check

i've seen this countless times and it's half hearted and completely false

If your social media/forum/chatboard/ect site has been around for any longer than a year and it doesn't have a delete account option, your web devs are inept.

Like, now that the GDPR is around, any European customers are entitled to have their accounts deleted, so why even go through the trouble of having to go through a thousand delete request emails?

hey, are there any other interesting fedi sites you qts use

i've been looking around but there's a lot of them and it's hard to sort through the half baked ones

*Google+ leaks half a million private profiles with basic information*

Google: We're shutting it down

*Facebook leaks 50m access tokens*

Facebook: Relax, there's nothing wrong here

reminder to not browse reddit after deleting your account because you will get an irresistable urge to correct people that you can't fufill

now they put the surdle meme on urban dictionary and one of them is planning to buy a surdle mug

how far is this going to go

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There are a lot of arguments against stopping or cutting down on certain things because they provide many jobs.

If I continually release an endless supply of rabid dogs into the streets, it might create a job market for stopping rabid dogs. That doesn't mean I should be allowed to release rabid dogs into the streets. And if the rabid dog problem disappeared, people would have to move on, whether they liked it or not. Progress is not easy.

we should buy a small island and found a queer state

if birdsite is anthropomorphizing their bird, do we have to annthropomorphize our mastodon

oh no the worst thing has happened

they're anthropomorphizing birdsite now

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