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i'm going to finally come out to a friend and that's gonna be my first coming out and i'm gonna do that in a week or two and i'm nervous a bit :blobcatsweats: but also i know that i have to do this :blobcatneutral:

and at the end of this i hope i can really feel alive :ablobcatreach:

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>types video script, mentions
>goes to actually use riot
huh, they just rebranded like, a week ago, it's now

o k a y

has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


i don't like pineapple

you ever post a toot but then you're not sure if you already posted a toot that was basically similar or the same before and you're too lazy to check but it's already posted so it's too late to remove the toot so you just leave it alone

where was i going with this

you ever hold a pillow so soft in your hands you start crying

"I'm not racist, my best friend is black"

"I'm not homophobic, my dog is gay"

many new programmers are quickly losing motivation and dropping out, now i think the issue here is that they're not coming in with the right equipment and it's making it a lot harder, that's why i recommend every new programmer buy a pair of patented Programming Socks™️, they are the proven best equipment in general for programmers and will help you tremendously, i know some people swear by buttplugs but stuff like that is highly advanced equipment that takes so much experience handling to use

*draws something*

Shaping up nicely! Well, I guess I'll finish this tommorow.


Oh god this looks awful

the new motorola razr is a pretty solid looking phone, it still costs an arm and a leg but i think it's probably going to be the best foldable on the market, they've got something really special here

Sorry if this is a bitter topic, but some people have been implying certain things as to the reason Miaourt is shutting down, and I'd like people to clarify what these actually are.

I'm asking as a friend and associate of mine is creating a niu successor and I'm not particularly thrilled about it but if there's something I'm missing about this situation I'd like to hear it

ah, what a lovely day

*sips drink*

*reads news article title;*

"Exclusive: Google owner Alphabet in bid to buy Fitbit"

*drink immediately exits out every orifice*

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