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Oh, oh oh oh. It's hard to tell the difference between "Windows FilterKeysᵗʳᵃˢʰᵐᵃʳᵏ" and "system/network is lagging like crazy and dropping my keystrokes". Hm... is this is a great way to counterattack those loathesome people in life?

The fact that it is considered "good practice" in some circles to wait for JavaScript to "compile" a static HTML is really absurd -- it takes 60+ seconds on my workstation, and around 10 minutes via TravisCI + Heroku. :ablobcatgrumpy:

The SVN woes never end -- I really want to commit my change and push it out, but... branching in SVN is do damn expensive that it's implausible to use branches in complex projects! >_<

🌩 💧 ⛈ 💧 
 ☁️    ☁️☁️

SVN Hell... Netherdate 2.7182... Every damn project that is checked out of SVN has the name "trunk". How stupid is that? :blobaww:

Stupid SVN! Get flipped!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ NΛS

SVN Hell... NetherDate 3.14... The repo browser claimed that there are "updates" available, so I diligently requested those updates to be applied to my working copy... then everything crashes and burns with the evil, inexplicable message:

svn: E720005: Can't move "{tmp-folder}\file" to "file" Access is denied.

:ablobcatreach: :ablobcatreachreverse:

The Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) soundtracks are really chill! So fresh.

So yeah. Another symptom of the SVN curse is that you end up holding off from making commits while you diligently perfect your large, single-file production task. It feels so unsafe. :ablobcatgrumpy:

Subversion-Jenkins woes, begone! "ISVNAuthentication provider did not provide credentials" :ablobcatbongo:

Today's IRL adventure... living a time travel experience by being forced to used SVN! Cognitive load extra high. :bunhdgoogly:

Party time? Party time 🎉

┐( ・ω・)┌ ┐(・ω・ )┌
┐(・ω・ )┌ ┐( ・ω・)┌
┐( ・ω・)┌ ┐(・ω・ )┌
┐(・ω・ )┌ ┐( ・ω・)┌
┐( ・ω・)┌ ┐(・ω・ )┌
┐(・ω・ )┌ ┐( ・ω・)┌
┐( ・ω・)┌ ┐(・ω・ )┌
┐(・ω・ )┌ ┐( ・ω・)┌

I thought this was a Princess Connect Re:Dive scene at first glance! Like Pecorine carrying Kyaru.

SVN. That stone-age tool. So, how do I use it again, without going stark raving mad? :ageblobcat:

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