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:oh_no: :oh_no_bubble: 24 hours to choose your destiny.

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I thought this was a Princess Connect Re:Dive scene at first glance! Like Pecorine carrying Kyaru.

SVN. That stone-age tool. So, how do I use it again, without going stark raving mad? :ageblobcat:

I flubbed my battery change today, dropping an important, little metal rod somewhere into the depths of the car's "engine area". Lots of elbow-grease and fighting words later, I managed to pull that little ungrateful stick back out. :ablobcatknitsweats:

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's vocal tracks really set the mood when I'm in despair-programming mode! :bunmood:

C. The language of a Hacking Maestro. Not as clumsy or as random as a Perl. An elegant weapon...for a more civilized age.

So, is down temporarily because I'm dumb is down probably forever should be down but it's not, lucky
So I made a new account : @bunni
I'll see if I can import my followings (I'm on phone so idk), anyway if you want you can follow :bun:

One day... I'll figure out how to get the "move account" alias weirdness to work! Hopefully before ! >_<

Myan myan mornyan ~

Let's do our best to have a good week this week everynyan!


Started writing laser calibration software for work, but missed my chance to name it Mikuru Beam.

Today I noticed that writing out long hex values is actually trivial to do with a full sized keyboard! Left hand for A-F, right hand for numpad 0-9. Life changing.

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