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:oh_no: :oh_no_bubble: 24 hours to choose your destiny.

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Myan myan mornyan ~

Let's do our best to have a good week this week everynyan!


Started writing laser calibration software for work, but missed my chance to name it Mikuru Beam.

Today I noticed that writing out long hex values is actually trivial to do with a full sized keyboard! Left hand for A-F, right hand for numpad 0-9. Life changing.

If they make a sequel to Untitled Goose Game, they should call it Quack 2.

kids these days with their newfangled gender symbols. what the hell are these supposed to mean??

That latest macOS called "Catalina". Blessed, or Cursed?

Happy Merry New Decade! 🎉

Happy Merry New Decade! 🎉

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