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I enjoy long walks through workplace hallways. Peaceful respite from all the raging 🔥

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Groovy. The scripting language that features sexy strings: GString, eagerGString, and lazyGString. :bun:

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#2176 "How Hacking Works" 

On my 4th-level nested remote desktop workspace, everything starts looking Minecraft style blocky thanks to all the layers of video compression. 😂

Yuna's image song is suspiciously titled "Morning Glow" :ablobowo:

:blobaww: Only today do I notice that quite a number of the FFX/X-2 in-game BGM songs have vocal editions in the "Vocal Collection" series of OSTs

Crown Royal + Baileys. Watching Attack on Titan. Tis a good life.

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compressed file types take 

The #big #list of #naughty #strings is gold. :rainbowdance: 

Git's glossary is full of gems.

{ evil merge }

> An evil merge is a merge that introduces changes that do not appear in any parent.

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Body paint 

I really hate how iOS always insists on loading some U2 songs onto my devices. :blobcatglaredrink:

Coffeecrisp sugar overload with 290 Calories. :ablobspin:

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After I tidied up my workstation, this happened. :bun: :bun_fliprev: So, what'll it be, Niu?

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Hi, I'm here to tell you that I hope you have a good day and remember that I love you. Bye!

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