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:oh_no: :oh_no_bubble: 24 hours to choose your destiny.

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:ablobderpy: You are...

Ur day will be blessed by the Maidborder, all you have to do is comment "skate em up maidborder"

What if Mastodon gets a built-in "auto- translate" function? Would it be fine to hook it up to Google Translate? Or would there be a requirement that only some open source language service is used?

from earth.kazuma import kazuma

explosion = isekai.konosuba.megumin(o)

big_bang = isekai.konosuba.megumax(o)

daily reminder that math is literally mystic runes. so if you say "i hate math" you are actually saying "i hate magic" which is incredibly lame of you

Hundreds of pages... and thousands of formulas... what the heck... 🍞 :bunhdknife:

Study study study! :bun:
Space out :bunblanketsleep:
Peek at Niu :bunpeek:
study sTudY stuDy! :bunflip:

:bunhdgoogly: Non-stop days of study sessions made this bun's brain melt. Niu's population decreases by 1.

what if you called the shell "the linux cheat console"
would that get more people to use it, or just attract even more gamers

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