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"If god doesn't like the way I live,
Let him tell me, not you."
[As seen on a button]

Just unboxed a SuperMicro SuperServer (4 Machines in one).

What an awesome piece of hardware. I want this as my homeserver. Now. :blobreach:

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Tfw Google called Windows an OS with "special security problems".
The first retarded OS.
Windows 10 Snowflake Update dropping Q3 2018.

That moment when your coworker randomly rebases your indev branch and everything breaks :tohru_weary:

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To those who stormed an H&M store in protest of the black kid wearing the coolest monkey in the jungle...the fuck do you think this is gonna prove?

EVEN IF the message intended by H&M was that black people are monkeys what makes you think that violent protest is the answer?

"Oh this is so offensive, I'm not a fucking monkey! I'm so mad! Let's smash some shit! That'll teach them that we're civilized beyond that point!"


gotta search for old emberassing toots before the fediverse finds them :oh_no:

geez, so making jokes about frontend "developers" is how you get followers on masto :blobthinkingsmirk:

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getting out of bed and turning off the water in the shower are two impossible things

Don't forget to update the copyright-header in every file of every single project you've ever made to 2018 :awesome:

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New year resolution: Don't start thinking about new year resolutions when the next year is only a few hours away.

Oh my god.
Black Mirror Season 4.
Best xmas present ever.

They are even searching fucking 9gag und imgur for people who don't like IOTA.