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Seems you people really enjoy SM64. I'm not a pro blj master, but I have a respectable amount of hours in this game, so it's gonna be funny.

You still can change the results at:

We start wednesday (my dudes) at 22:00PM (UTC-3).
If you are not a nerd whom can convert that time zone to yours, stay calm as youtube lives adjust the time automatically.

I turn my negative emotions in dank memes and moe posts. That's why I rarely write in my posts.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

PS. The royalties were paid to swag chen for the blog post thanks.

PS2. Subscribe to PewDiePie.

the meme dog is still alive and is still a v good girl btw

Oficial Art for JoJo Bizarre Adventures Eyes of Heaven - Hideiko Araki

Nazi Death Squad shooting at unarmed civilian - 1939 (colorized)

We at #Nextcloud believe that #Article11 & #Article13 of the EU copyright directive are very bad for European businesses.

Over 130 other #EU companies joined us and signed our open letter urging MEPs to vote against #uploadfilter and #linktax.

Mastodon makes twitter look so caveman it's not even funny...
>5000 character word limit
>can post as many images or gifs as you want
>notification field on same screen as timeline yet not distracting
why are we even still here, just to suffer?

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !