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Seems you people really enjoy SM64. I'm not a pro blj master, but I have a respectable amount of hours in this game, so it's gonna be funny.

You still can change the results at:

We start wednesday (my dudes) at 22:00PM (UTC-3).
If you are not a nerd whom can convert that time zone to yours, stay calm as youtube lives adjust the time automatically.

She: I'm pro-choice
Me, trying to impress her: "I actually ran over a bunch of kids on my way to work today"

Remember that "extremist Islamic organization" that only attacks and disrupts muslim countries and leaves Israel alone

I'm on a moral dilemma, the place I'm working on is a fucking administrative mess. I don't know if I want to stay here pretending there's nothing wrong and just accumulate money for the day the business dies or I try to solve, which wi involve a lot of coversation and bullcrap will people I'm not sure will agree to change, resulting in me being saw as the motherfucker that exposes the shitty trues. :blobawkward:

So I tried to do the Death Wish Train Rush on A Hat in Time, and the level was hard af.
5:22AM: I was just finishing the level, with my muscular memory and skillz at maximum, then the energy company chooses to turn energy down for repairs. :blobcatnotlikethis:

In this episode of JoJo David Productions fucked up.
The BOSS used "Assassination Team" instead of " Squadra Esecuzioni". No one respects Ghiaccio anymore.

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