'I guess what is Dio doing with my body. Well. I wish at least he is happy."

Tough achievement, tomorrow I will continue the next ones. Rockman & Forte is the most beautiful yet underrated SNES game.

Mastodon makes me miss the classic Andorid blob emojis even more... Google please give them back :blobcatsadreach:

The tarantula could kill the lil frog easily however they have a mutually beneficial.
TIL: She protects him from other predators and he protects her from flying dangers like wasps and her eggs from ants.

I would like to thanks BandaiNamco, for making a remaster no one asked for, dividing the already small community and making steam stoping to sell the original version of the game.
Now the key prices of the good'ol version have gone to the moon.

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