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Seems you people really enjoy SM64. I'm not a pro blj master, but I have a respectable amount of hours in this game, so it's gonna be funny.

You still can change the results at:

We start wednesday (my dudes) at 22:00PM (UTC-3).
If you are not a nerd whom can convert that time zone to yours, stay calm as youtube lives adjust the time automatically.

Doctor: You only have 1 more minute to live. There's something you want to do?

Crystal™ """""""Water""""""""" from coca-cola corporation. Seriously, how they can fuck up water. 🤢

Distance education: We want to provide the option to study anywhere independent of how complex is the students free time
Also Distance Education College: *uses Java script to disallow downloading of their video classes*

Boomer: *wants to replay Doom II on his currentgen console*
Bethesda: lEtS cHeCK yOuR cOnNeCtIoN tO oUr NeTwOrK 🤪😜💯

Can properly render a internet browser also send your data to 🆎🅰️z🅾️n.
Can't render a stylized PDF file without converting to their proprietary format and messing it all.


So my mother purchased a swindle from amazon to read her college books. However the books are in a very stylized PDF format, which causes the conversions to the formats the device supports to be awful 🤬

Remember how google was able to break their online platforms by going outside the w3c standards in a way chrome is build to ignore, then creating a anti-competitive need to download their browser. Not even chromiun engine based browsers, like edge, worked. All of this with small to none public backlash.

TIL: The sensor bar of the Nintendo Wii doesnt actually send any information to the console. It just leeches a small voltage to light five (or three) infrared emitters inside. The wiimote uses this infrared lights to calculate were is pointing to and sends the cursor position data to the console. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

my cellphone is back, so is my shitpost capability

Does someone have a birbsite account? I need someone to ask Namori (@_namori_@birbsite) to make a Katrielle drawing

Seriously, Layton's entry on the 3DS, Katrielle and the Millionarie's Conspiracy looks gorgeous and is not present in most of the "Best 3DS Games" Lists

I bought a New™2DS™XL™&™Knuckles™feat.™ Dante from the Devil May Cry™ Series. Does anyone have suggestions? If possible obscure hiden gems outside the "top 10 best games" lists.

I'm back, however posting from the pc is not as fun. I miss my phone. :blobcatumm:

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