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I'm an ex-IT slave gone amateur gardener, aiming for the pro-league.

Had a Fedi account, the server I was on vanished, made this account a year later. Because what is time?

(DBZ Announcer Voice)

Last time:
Our hero installed a webcam driver using compatibility mode, as directed by the unreliable Microsoft Support Team.
However, upon restarting their PC they found Windows 10 had shit the bed with it's own boot files!

Will our hero find the restore media and save the Windows install from itself, or will they finally abandon it for Linux and unlock the secrets of Wine gaming?

Find out in today's exciting episode of...


"Kids these days with their heads buried in their phones!"

I was at a function recently as the youngest person attending. Average age was retirement. I sat near the back of the auditorium and as soon as the presenter droned on for a little too long, I could see half the QTips in that place open their phones and start scrolling through Facebook or texting people.

I never wanna hear shit from another boomer about millenial's tech dependence.

I've seen that video before, but tonight it hit me in just the right way to make me cry-laugh for the first time in too long.

Carolina Reapers are finally producing full time.

The only problem now is where to hang them to dry?

Even while stringing these (with gloves on, of course), I could feel the air turning into mace.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction(...)subject to the following conditions:

Be Gay
Do Crimes

Bandwagon time? Bandwagon time. 

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