Bloody Nora! I didn't know people like focks this much, this is far my most boosted post I think!

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fesh in de watter
dock lookin at de fesh
focks lookin at de dock
@shuked not sure if they're angry or just trying to look smart :blobfoxthonking:
@shuked well if they're still alive I'll just release them in the water instead :blobfox3c:


British sitcom of the 70s called "Love thy neighbor"; white couple living next door to a black couple. Eddie Booth was a rather dim racist (and butt of all the jokes) with a slight Welsh accent, and his favorite exclamation was "... bloody nora!"

i hadn't heard it since then.


don't worry.. nobody's going to compare you to Eddie Booth, because apparently only I and youtube remember the show.

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