*Mixes together watered down sweet red bean paste, matcha, and oatmeal* ...I'm not upset at this combo, might make it a thing I do from now on.

My boyfriend and I were discussing what a mess Alita: Battle Angel is gonna be when it comes out and we just saw that the budget for it is like 200 million dollars. :blobwaitaminute:

Recently started playing the early access of Don't Starve: Hamlet.

I understand that it's supposed to be harder than the other expansions, but I stayed up late last night getting the Oincs to buy the house in the pig town and as soon as I got enough the Masked Pig showed up and made my Oincs spill out like I was Sonic the Hedgehog and a pig guard started picking them up and I'm like cool, he'll give them back... fucker kept them. THAT'S JUST RUDE, GAME. I let myself die after that.

Spending a half hour searching the house multiple time with your boyfriend trying to find the TV remote is a special kind of frustrating.

I don't think the chocolate chocolate chip cookies I just made turned out right. :blobcatmelt: I was going to send my mom some for Christmas, but now I'm not sure... She'll probably like them anyway, but I'll feel bad. Don't have any more chocolate chips and need to send these out tomorrow.

So my ex boyfriend that I have a restraining order against just posted on my profile in a video game asking me to trade a character to him. UM. UUUUUM? YOU STUPID, SON? Wait, I already know the answer there.

Wow, my current project is really reminding me how much I hate the song PA! PA! PARADISE! from the Hello, World soundtrack.

Gonna start submitting stuff to AnimeLyrics again since I have things from years ago that I didn't submit due to laziness. Maybe I can hit 200 submissions attributed to my name within the next few years... only got 39 to go (36 if the 3 I submitted today are accepted).

Wait... someone licensed and released an English version of the first Clockwork Ley-Line game? WTF Sekai Project?

Hmm... if only they'd do the other two... and also Peace@Pieces, Chu x Chu Idol, and Wasurenagusa Forget-Me-Not while we're on the subject of UNiSONSHiFT games. Unity Marriage and Wagamama Capriccio are okay options, too, I guess.

Or Princess Witches from Pajamasoft, please please please that game always looked so interesting.

Why does our washing machine take so long? I need to stop picking the "very dirty" or whatever option. :blobglare:

Holy crap, who goes around when it's dark out to a house with no outside lights on and no obvious lights on inside the windows to knock and try to talk to someone about the "book of mormon"? *Gathers up pepper spray and stun gun* YA ALL GOT ME PARANOID NOW.

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if you explained health insurance to someone in a different world, they would think you were a con artist

Wish my bank account had a notification setting for low funds that was "text me once when the account falls below $10" and not "text me twice a day until my account is back above $10".

My mom sent me a book for writing in for Christmas and it has this quote on the cover (the silver text), but it also has a sheet in the packaging that has the quote again... Seems they just couldn't decide who said it.

Just found this place. So much to learn. Reminds me of twitter... probably intentional. I mean... it's called a 'toot'... like... that makes me think of gas, I'm not gonna lie. I understand it's an elephant (or mastodon, in this case) sound, but let's be real.

Anyway, hi. I will probably post drawings and stuff here and talk about vampires and cats and the writing I'm not doing, but should be doing.


Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !