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Tea is a blessing for the soul.

how i feel registering for next semesters classes.

when you completely underestimate your coursework and its due tonight.

legit fucked. 😂

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i'm currently sitting at a grand total of 2,233 anime avatars. imagine if i did something with them.

i've been awake 48 minutes, but after getting a mere hours worth of sleep i feel like i can adequately discern that i am the living embodiment of death.

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i feel like i wouldn't actually follow myself if i were given the opportunity.

cold heart, she left you all alone. brand new start you're on your own.

i think i made my tea a little too hot :( its evaporating as i wait for it too cool down

energy drinks are ❤

When your team member wants a grid while you're working on other assets.

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/(・ × ・)\

11 hours in. I feel exhausted. Lost about an hour and halfs worth of work due to a windows update. I wanna sleep, but the ideas keep flowing and I wanna keep churning them out.

72H game jam. never been under the gun to churn out graphics quite like this before lol oh well, got my science documentaries, my tea and a good attitude. lets get it done!

didn't do so hot on my exams so i'm just gonna go curl myself up in a ball at the bottom of a hole that is conveniently being filled in later. good bye.

finished konosuba 2. it was good. on to the next i suppose.