I was thinking to myself about relocating to another federated service. I feel that this place has far too many users on at once and active and seem to do a little bit better with smaller communities. I don't mean any harm or disrepect to one another here expecially that everyone I have met on has been quite helpful around here, especially our lone admin here who I still feel had done a really good job running this place. So if I do decide to migrate, what would you recommend me?

@scaryred24 all hail @Technowix ! my hero :blobowo: as for any other recommendation. I don't find any other alts tbh because all other's are using Ostatus anyway or ActivityPub meaning you will see everything that is coming from mastodon or pleroma. diaspora uses a different protocol but that's going to be gone soon. with ActivityPub integration in diaspora. friendica for example uses both ostatus and the other one which I don't call it's name that Diaspora uses.

@r00tobo I'm staying on mastodon tho. Just a different server. That's all I want to ask. I almost never look at my local or federated timeline anyways.

@scaryred24 oh I thought that you were asking for another "federated service" like another platform using the same protocol. or something using another one.

@r00tobo Just a different server on Mastodon. Nothing more. I could move to plemora but idk about that.

@scaryred24 hmmm I don't know. it really depends on what you're interested in. anime weeb stuff technology. linux or programming etc..

@r00tobo well I'm into a lot of that. So really I don't feel that I'd be missing much anyways.

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