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Satanya 😈

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should make my CI email me this image whenever tests passed

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there are thots even here!! time to leave this instance

let me tell you about the tragic fate of the BMS community where everyone is stuck using shitty legacy software because japanese people

The gf-function: gf(r,t) is a mathematical description of the gf-state of an isolated system, where r and t denote position and time respectively. This function has the important attribute that its squared magnitude |gf(r,t)|^2 describes the probability of finding a gf in position r at time t. Consequently, it's valued zero for all real values of t.

rust gotta make me unwrap everything like a burrito

if you're wondering what group theory is: it's just rotating isosceles triangles by 120 degs and proving that it's the same fucking triangle

don't get me started on rotating circles

what if voluntaryism is a spook

Milch, a founder of Lufthansa, has a Jewish father & was almost arrested by Gestapo. His friend GΓΆring has saved him by declaring: "I decide who is a Jew."

what's an algorithm for dividing an array of pixels into the least amount of rectangles (in which all pixels are opaque)

tfw went to school for 2 hours of math

who needs a gf anyways
all you need is an ipv6 buddy
>restarting pleroma won't take long
he says, as elixir decides to recompile every single dependency.

Hey man, I don't like filezilla either but there's no need to take your anger out on public transport