Apparently, Tusky merged their blacklist for Gab today. So I feel it's time for another part in my little series:
"What if ALL applications were developed like Fedi apps"
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I uninstalled tusky a while ago and i dont rly regret it esp now that this happened

@sadcatstarry @Feuerfuchs fedilab is going to do this too. We only have our browser to turn to it seems
Niu would not be safe the masto crowd tried to cancel the admin once already

However I am not (yet) convinced it will ever get that bad. This gab nonsense will probably pass without much fanfare and the app problem will prob be forgotten

Even if it did, someone (me if I have to) will fork what we have at the time and remove that crap from it
@Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger
He was dishing out some rational and agreeable opinions and some asshole screenshotted him and cropped out the bottom 2/3 of the post. The remainder, when taken out of context made him sound alt-right when he isn't. That post got around and it was a shitshow. This is why you don't use reddit spacing.

@Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry
@dielan @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry :oof: I feel bad for the guy.
>This is why you don't use reddit spacing
It'd be nice if I wasn't forced to because line breaks in markdown have been broken in Pleroma.
@sjw @dielan @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry
There's no point to second-guess yourself. These people are literal demons. You could never say a bad word, never fugg a loli, never do any weird sex stuff, never drink, never do drugs, pay all your taxes, etc., etc. and if they don't like you, THEY WILL STILL JUST MAKE IT UP. There's no point to trying to imagine how they might portray you in a bad light and censor yourself because it doesn't matter since Clown World doesn't operate according to good faith.
@dielan @sjw @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry Niu admin is a lying fag anyway. Shit, who was it that got banned there for a joke image that triggered a typical SJW tranny? Was it @orekix?
@Kro @dielan @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry @sjw the way he runs his instance is a step above tumblr tier sjw stuff, not batshit insane but still doesn't allow anything that might be "racist" or "misogynist"
@orekix @Feuerfuchs @dielan @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry @sjw Right, I honestly only mock that but the way he lied about you, the rules, and the image you posted is what made me 200% bitter. It's one thing to be an asshole, it's another to be a lying asshole.
@Kro @Feuerfuchs @dielan @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry @sjw yeah what was funny about that is that later on he went and banned the original person that got "offended" from my post because he started shit with other people
@orekix @Feuerfuchs @dielan @igeljaeger @sadcatstarry @sjw I remember somebody's counter to a commie saying that sacrifices had to be made in an ideal world (in defense of un-personing and gulags no less). He said "In an ideal world, all are dead.". People like him chase an impossible perfection to the point where they destroy the imperfections around them, never realizing nothing is perfect until nothing is all that's left.

Simply put: Be open and allow things you hate to exist, or be damned to a life alone.
@dielan @sadcatstarry @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger takes about 60 mins at most once you have the environment set up :)

@igeljaeger @Feuerfuchs @sadcatstarry doesn't this violate the software freedoms in that it's no longer usable for "any purpose", a la jsons "do no evil" clause?

@igeljaeger @Feuerfuchs @sadcatstarry

nah i disagree

how i understand it, tusky and fedilab are free software since they use the gplv3
this means you can go and modify the software yourself to use it for any purpose, no matter what the original authors of the project want.

this doesn't mean that the original authors have to make that software the exact way that you want it. if you want to fork tusky so that it works go ahead, good luck getting accepted by proprietary app stores though.

sounds like this way of interpreting software freedoms is the same as "hey your irc bot doesn't work with discord, and this violates my freedom because i can't use it in my discord server"
when i as the author think discord is a scourge and i don't want to deal with the repercussions of it :p

@pounce @sadcatstarry @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger @kline there are guides which tell in pretty simple terms how to build an android app, use git etc
so clone the repos, search for gab and comment out the relevant code (you may need to spend a little while getting used to java code), build the apk, copy it onto your phone or tablet and install from there.
@kline @sadcatstarry @Feuerfuchs @igeljaeger Correct. It is no longer free software. It is proprietary, making it's use of the GPL licenses fraudulent.
@igeljaeger @sadcatstarry @Feuerfuchs I thought they were only going to do that in the Google Play version
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