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i hate tumblr but my friend convinced me to make a splatoon askblog so uhhhh go ask me some dumb shit idk

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--> this is a psa: dont ever be horny or weirdly sexual towards me <--

good omens is such a good show yall need to watch it!!!!

im ancom but i wanna make an account on juche town its fucking hilarious i want to meme on gablins and make them mad lol

steve minecraft: hm. i need to eat something

steve: (takes out four cooked chickens)





sorry im not on as much been mentally not feeling right bc of family shit

"reboot" movies that came out less than 20 years ago for 1 billion dollars on amazon prime and produce all female remakes of Full House or Seinfeld or some shit instead of just writing something fucking original for once because they know THEY KNOW that no matter how many people post jeffrey tambor i don't want these dot png in response to the indiewire announcements about yet another disney live action remake people WILL pay money to see whatever shit they churn out as long as they get at least ONE big name to fart their way through The Songs We Know And Love..................all of this happening...the mere thought of like literally making me want to put myself in an isolation chamber for the next thousand years and i know i will be dead in like 50 anyways but i want my body to be left in there so even it doesn't have to come into contact with whatever hot garbage marvel is going to churn out in phase beta or whatever the absolute fuck

i'm sorry but even the literal concept of seeing another star wars movie after this next one and another avengers movie after endgame and whatever game of thrones threequel and avatar 93 and and indiana jones 7 starring harrison ford's corpse and all this marketing and spoiler warning shit and people not being told what they're doing in scenes to protect the integrity of Who Dies when it all gets leaked like a month in advance anyways by some guy posting the plot on reddit and some shitty pandering to some community or another and shitty forced jokes about topics that will be dated in a year and people saying they really SNAPPED with this one *spasmodic 3 frame repeating gif of the only shot of idk some famous guy in a background role in star wars 9 as an ewok but he's wearing a rainbow flag loincloth or some shit like that* and then 12 tumblr users replying with THE BAR IS SO LOW and Sir Your Boots pics and some cast member in an interview making a face that everyone gifs and they all say "you can see the pain she's experiencing because they ruined padme jr the eighth's character arc ugh i feel so bad for her" and all the merch and ugly funko pops of all the characters and actor extras and the advertising campaigns and the official twitter account using a meme only to get 7483 SILENCE BRAND replies all while they

ok evolution was a mistake im going back in the water

any of yall fedi users/tooters got references for drawing ukiyo-e type stuff digitally? (preferably on programs like Firealpaca or Medibang Paint)

it's for a specific thing i want to draw for my splatoon askblog ;w;


i can say embarrassing things on here because y’all are not real

i hate tumblr but my friend convinced me to make a splatoon askblog so uhhhh go ask me some dumb shit idk

when animals tuck their legs in like that omg my heart πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ§‘

every time i change my pfp my interactions go down because you frogs forget my identity smh

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