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--> this is a psa: dont ever be horny or weirdly sexual towards me <--

i think some asshole kid was messing w the nest or something bc i saw the nest and it was damaged and the baby bird must've been killed.... it fucking sucks

there was a dead baby bird in the outdoor hallway ;-; me and a friend buried a grave for it

slapping my nuts right now bro oww its fuckin so hard dude

Calling it “pasketti” is insensitive towards Italians

many art historians consider michelangelo to be the beatles of carving small nude guys. he got in early before anyone else was carving little naked dudes and changed the game. that's why he's respected

i hate when you’re boiling an egg and it gets a crack in it and the egg’s ghost escapes. very scary and i don’t like it

Ya ever think about how we, us, specifically, have a decade to end capitalism before it kills everyone?

once i connect my :3 to my c, there is not stopping the crimes i will commit

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aph china: *invents tea*
aph england: *busts in through a wall like the kool aid man* GIVE ME THE PLANT

@melt been perfecting a new technique where i slam someone into the ground so hard they go to hell BEFORE they die

the most important question of all

capitalism is a myth invented by the church to stop you from eating all the communion wafers

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