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i hate tumblr but my friend convinced me to make a splatoon askblog so uhhhh go ask me some dumb shit idk

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--> this is a psa: dont ever be horny or weirdly sexual towards me <--

the only good web series is ratboy genius change my mind

I walk an old town road

Upon the only horse I've ever known

fedi users be like

"thinkpad linux programming soft buns uwu"

ive seen ppl in order teleporting from one end of the map to the other without super jumping and a guy w a kensa splattershot dodge rolling

team order is filled with h a c k e r s

water is wet
grass is green
team order has hackers :/

When i was a kid i tried watching Cats but i couldnt finish it bc they werent actual cats

If u catch a sylveon in pokemon u have to name it trans rights

theres not enough transmasc positivity posts on fedi so im gonna make one right now

i love you guys youre all handsome as fuck god emperor null senpai notice me :blobuwu:

was playing splatfest early in the morning and all i gotta say is: japanese players are out for blood

Ok but the rawest quote ever is probably: "if the world chooses to be my enemy, i will fight just like i always have." -shadow the hedgehog

i prefer spawning foxes pandas and snowmen over villagers bc villagers arent as cute >_>

Team chaos is the epic gamer team and if we win its mandatory to drink mountain dew, the truest radioactive gamer piss

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