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disclaimer: please don't follow me/try to follow me if you're 35 or older, thank you

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theres a livestream for the area 51 raid oh boiiii

im also a stupid little man i ate something im allergic to bc it tasted good and now im on the verge of throwing up

because i am such a small, tiny little man my government assigned kin is the pygmy jerboa

deep quote:
"i breathe every day"

radio hosts be like "this next song will B-B-B-BLOW YOUR SHIT OFF *explosion sfx*" and then play ed sheeran

if youre a math liker..... shut the FUCK up

not to be controversial but i just want to be happy

yeah im a boy and yeah im manly as fuck and yeah i play animal crossing

i also know how to make a molotov too now epic

cursed and horrible idea: napalm volleyball

i went down a rabbithole and now i know how to make napalm

if someone hates you stab them with an asbestos covered knife

im gonna do a coup against americas government so i can change the flag to gay minecraft and also establish communism

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