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♡ rye ♡ @rye@niu.moe

@phildobangnz hi! just got home today & big tired zzzzz

@shpuld oh cuz u use cream and sugar instead?

@delores corn man corn man CORN MAN CORN MAN

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@awg no i was about to push her overboard and someone was like “now you both kill each other!” so i was like ok nvm i’m not dying too

delores: good voice but even better laugh

i fell asleep for an hour & had a dream i got in a knife fight on a boat with some girl that was trying to kill everyone fsr

i look like that momo picture irl

psa delores has a rly rly nice voice

@mike do u wanna tomorrow? im like 1/2 asleep today i got up early for plane this morning ;-;