it's weird actually wearing color like pink rather than a gray sweatshirt.. but the past week ive been dressing like shit & just looking like a zombie in general so im TRYIN

@rye Keep it up! Dressing well means looking after yourself rather than dressing like shit.

@sim yeah haha i figured i should try to spend extra time on that after hardly caring this week lol

@rye Good idea! One step further to looking after yourself... I find that I feel less shit when I maintain the basic maintenance necessary to get through the day.

@sim yea, i feel better if i get up & find smth cute to wear & put my hair up tbh lol

@rye Moce! Make sure that you do this! All the best! :)

@sim i might but ill probably not get an early enough start tomorrow to do too much hahaha


@sim lol i have to leave in 10 minutes and i haven't started yet cuz im too tired , maybe tomorrow

@rye RIP. I definitely feel sleepy at times! I know how hard it can be to just make a start because of it.

@sim haha yeah, i wanted to just sleep in all day zzzz

♡ rye ♡

@sim as soon as i get a day off im sleeping for 24 hours str8 mark me words

@rye Maybe I will hold you to it! Then what will you do?

@sim haha, probably just sleep & maybe draw & play games

@rye But if you draw and play games, you won't be sleeping!

@sim true;;;;;;;; i can't sleep too long anyway!

@rye I guess you won't be sleeping the whole time after all! ;;

Probably for the best.

@sim yeah but just hanging out is nice too!

@rye I'd like to relax too... not sure how relaxing hanging out with others always is!

@sim i would usually agree but lately i prefer to be around people tbh lol

@rye If I didn't feel so exhausted, I'd agree.
@rye Thanks! Soon may be a while though.
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