ok updated commission info!

Won't do:
-Furries (I mean I could try if someone really wants but I don't really know how to draw them lol)
-Complex backgrounds

DM or reply if you're interested! I'll send a sketch once it's done for approval b4 continuing. Remember to let me know anything specific you want like pose, colors, outfit, etc. or I will just figure it out myself!

Paypal only! also maybe cashapp idk yet lol

Thanks to everyone that’s spread this!! It helps a lot :)

I mean I'm just really tempted to commission a T-posing Vivec and use it as my banner forever

@druid it’s not like i respect my craft anyway so sure

@rye that's... really cheap. you could ask more for this imo

@piggo aaaa ty maybe when i improve more! I felt like this was a pretty good price to start off

@rye paypal is a bad idea to use. paypal can take your balance with 0 recourse for you. There's a reason exists. how do DM, got telegram, XMPP, discord,, email?

@Kitteh on here works or i have discord or xmpp whichever is better :)

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