i was pretty much only drawing squids so i tried to make myself draw other stuff but now i haven’t drawn a squid in forever ;___________;

@rye Then you could always alternate! Squid one time, then something else next, maybe another squid depending on how you want to alternate things, and so forth.

@sim true!!! i wanna draw more in general so more squids hell yeah

@rye Moce. Well, if it gets you interested in drawing then follow that interest.

@sim yea haha i wanna finish a drawing more than once a month,....

@rye Sounds like a good plan. Find something that interests you, and go for it.

@sim yea haha i just need to actually sit down & do it more, i barely ever do lately ;-;

@rye Well, at least that is something fixable going into the future!

@sim hopefully! if i manage to get a job i’ll have less time but that’s ok cuz i need a fucken job

@rye I don't know why you need a fucken job tho. You are in education, no? :')

@sim well yea but i’m only going twice a week now and i gotta move out sooner rather than later haha

@rye Ohh, I see. Gotta save up for that moving out?

@sim yea and also i wanna have something to do since i only have class 2 days out of the week..

@rye Aha... not one for idleness even though it will give you a chance to draw more! ;)

@sim when i do have free time i still almost never draw djjsndnsnd

@rye Exactly. So you need to use it more wisely to draw!

@sim yea i just never feel like it when i actually have time skjfjsjf dj

@rye That's the problem that needs fixing I guess. I know that feel tho. kajsjkshjsj

@sim yea it’s hard to feel inspired shudjsjndjfksjf

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