me : why cant i ever find specific drawings wtf
also me:


What an astoundingly intense form of self expression. Such depth. I am truly in awe.

@calv oh same, my actual drawing folder isnt any better lmao


wizard@tower is genius

Mine has always been slut@box

@viomi hahaaa thanks~

My laptop is wizard@tome

Servers are named after points of magical focus, monolith, obelisk etc

@rye Wait I actually remember what that one is b/c I have it bounced to an audio file on the Dark Corners of the internet

At least I'm pretty sure this is it...

warning: could be loud idk

@tibike @rye I wish otouto would hang some of his sketches there or our new year doodles in chalk remained… I heard somebody had an argument in the kitchen and everything got thrown off.

Without enough art the fridge looks really like a cringe compilation;;
@tija @rye we have a heck-ton of fridge magnets from places we've visited and a few of these animals on the sides.
@rye me: tenshi101.jpg, tenshi102.png, tenshi103.png, tenshi104.jpg
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