happy birthday to every finnish person!! can’t believe you were all born on the same day what a coincidence

@rye well there's a united nations law that states that everyone born today has to be deported to finland so
@nerthos @rye to be fair anyone born in finland at any other day of the year is deported to sweden so that's pretty harsh
@hakui @nerthos @rye can you imagine what sort of a day 6th of march is...
@hakui @nerthos @rye no one wants their kids to be deported to sweden
@shpuld @nerthos @rye no sweden is just a dumping ground for if your kid wasn't born on suomi day
@hakui @nerthos @rye so you try your best to have your kids be born on that day
@shpuld @hakui @rye Imagine a mother desperately holding the kid in as it tries to be born the previous day
@nerthos @shpuld @rye if a kid wants to be swedish that badly you should just let them
@hakui @shpuld @rye Just birth it into the baltic so it makes its own way there
@shpuld @nerthos @rye yes

over successive generations finnish people have evolved to deliver on that day only

@hakui wtf ur not supposed to tell, u better go into hiding

@hakui it’s ok just wear sunglasses so you’re disguised

@rye March 1 is always an interesting day in Finland.

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